The Cop Shop: Woman smacks man with rock, blames tequila

June 21, 2014 

A woman at a trailer park on Thomaston Road asked a guy for $20 to buy some pot. “Get a job,” he said. That apparently wasn’t what she wanted to hear. She “became angry and started scratching his face and punching him,” a Bibb County sheriff’s report said. The man tried to fend her off, but she kept wailng on him. “Then,” the June 8 report went on, “she picked up a rock and struck the victim in the right knee.” Before fleeing the scene, the woman, described as high and drunk, yelled, “The tequila got me hot!”

When the cop was flagged down, it was going on 3:30 a.m. A drunk was refusing to leave Envy Nightclub. The alleged troublemaker, a 25-year-old man from Cordele, had been trying to start fights at the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard establishment, a May 18 Bibb sheriff’s report said. “He stated several times that he was going to have everyone’s job.” A woman with the man tugged on his arm, urging him to call it a night. The Bibb deputy who’d been flagged down told him to take a hike or be taken to jail. Ten minutes later, the deputy was called back to the club. The man hadn’t left. Raising his voice and cursing, the guy denied being the man who’d been there moments earlier. When the deputy reached to handcuff him for trespassing, the man bolted. He sprinted down MLK to Poplar Street, darted through a vacant lot and disappeared. Someone nearby saw him scale a fire escape. The deputy yelled for the man, who was four stories up, to come down but he wouldn’t. So up the deputy went. When the deputy reached him, the man said, “You got me.” The deputy told him to put his hands behind his back. “For what?” said the man, yanking away. He was arrested for obstruction, trespassing and public drunkenness. The deputy’s write-up said the man yelled, cried, squirmed, contorted himself and complained the entire five-block ride to jail.

A woman who lives on Princeton Drive in west Macon called the law May 25 when an apparent domestic dispute spilled over onto her $2,500 Apple laptop. The woman, 52, told a Bibb deputy that she was in her room listening to music on her MacBook when a female friend came in complaining about the music. The deputy’s write-up said the woman told her friend that “if she didn’t like the music she could leave.” The friend, according to the report, “began to use profanity and ... poured wine on her laptop.” The alleged wine pourer, said to be “very intoxicated,” was gone when the deputy got there.

Shortly before noon on June 4, a Jeep Cherokee with its windows down eased onto Mumford Road. A Bibb deputy cruised in behind it. The deputy caught a whiff of marijuana smoke. He kept following the Jeep, and for nearly a mile the smell persisted. The deputy stopped the Jeep. The two women inside admitted using weed, the deputy’s report noted. They said they were smoking while out for a ride, “because they do not like to use the substance around their children.”

A 21-year-old man on Walker Avenue, not far from Bloomfield Drive, was shot and wounded June 9 when a .380 pistol went off. A Bibb sheriff’s report tells the rest: “(He) had the weapon concealed in his waistband when one round fired, going through his left testicle.” The Cop Shop tried to call the victim a few days later, but his mother said he didn’t care to discuss the mishap. “He’s not feeling very well. ... He’s got a long road to recovery.”

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