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June 21, 2014 

What’s Scott up to?

How has Rep. Austin Scott been performing during the time leading up to the current meltdown of immigration law enforcement? His record is a big disappointment. He is the weakest link in our state’s Republican delegation in the illegal immigration battle. He does not stand with conservatives. According to Numbers USA, he has a C-minus, the worst immigration-reduction grade in the Georgia Republican delegation and his record is getting worse. It is even lower than Democrat John Barrow’s. In fact, Scott has neatly positioned himself right between Majority Leader and amnesty pushing Eric Cantor who has a C-plus, and the self described “hell bent for amnesty” Speaker Boehner, who has a D. How’s that for not rocking establishment’s boat?

Scott is not sponsoring or co-sponsoring any bills that provide sensible solutions like bolstering interior enforcement, requiring E-verify, or ending chain migration. Scott won’t even take a stand to end birthright citizenship (anchor babies), even though all seven of his fellow Republican Georgia congressmen are cosponsors of H.R. 140 which does so, nor will he cosponsor Rep. Gingrey’s H.R. 477 to end chain migration. Gingrey also sponsors H.R. 478 to require mandatory E-Verify. No, Scott won’t cosponsor that one either and he has turned down an invitation to join the House Border Security Caucus, whose mission is to secure the border and increase interior enforcement.

So what is he doing? He is undermining conservatives by being the only Georgia Republican pushing amnesty for illegal aliens who join our military.

-- Randy Cooper


Why no comments?

I am astonished that no local politician or religious leader has spoken out against the recognition of the Palestinian Unity Government by the United States. The theocrats (those with no blood on their hands) appointed to administer the Palestinian “Unity” Government fully support the terrorist doctrines of Hamas. Its charter is a clear example of their position. So when the UK provides funds to the Unity Government, rest assured that some Palestinian families will get up to 2,000 British poundss each month. And that is a lot bigger paycheck than most of their “civil service” workers receive.

I pray that the goddess of justice will hear my prayer, remove her blindfold, grant wisdom to silent politicians and bestow lasting peace on the Middle East.

-- Hill Kaplan


Throwing a few rocks

I vehemently object to the wholly inaccurate and demeaning political cartoon in the June 12 Telegraph that insults the NRA, its members and Wayne LaPierre. As a life member for over 30 years, I can state unequivocally that this cartoon no more represents the NRA than a collection of the mug shots of the MOE gang members represents the black community in Macon. It is politically correct to unfairly bash the NRA and its law-abiding and upstanding members, but if someone submitted a cartoon even remotely linking the black gangs that rob, murder, drug deal, traffic in sex and burglarize at will in Bibb County to the 100 Black Men of Macon -- Middle Georgia, it would never see the light of day.

In fact, if someone were to compare the percentage of criminal records in the membership of the two organizations, the NRA would come out in a much better light. The double standard is pretty obvious to everyone, except those at The Telegraph. Don’t forget, without the constitutional guarantee of the Second Amendment, the First Amendment would, sooner or later, be a thing of the past. People who live in glass houses should not get in the habit of throwing rocks.

-- John Ricketson


Log trucks downtown

Has any local politician ever thought of stopping the tractor trailers hauling logs from traveling through downtown Macon? The log trucks, which is the majority of the trucks traveling through the city, are headed to the plant on Mead Road in south Macon. About half of them come through downtown via Second Street to Walnut Street to Martin Luther King Boulevard. The other half take I-75 South to Pio Nono Avenue to Guy Payne Road to Mead Road.

I have nothing against truckers. I use to be a trucker, but I’m just being practical. These trucks travel through one of Macon’s premier areas. I’m sure some tourists are thinking, log trucks passing through the museum district? The log trucks are leaving chunks of wood and tree bark all over the streets.

The solution should be simple and cheap because an alternative route exists, two of them. The trucks headed to the plant on Mead Road could do like the other half and take I-75 South, or simply make Seventh Street a mandatory truck route. A person at NewTown Macon told me about a year ago it was in the works, and I needed another bright idea. Well, get it done.

-- Neal Smith


Great ambassadors

We were visiting your fair city and required service for our vehicle due to a mishap on the highway. We were blessed to have taken our vehicle to Walsh Honda. We were treated with respect and the vehicle was serviced in an orderly fashion and we met two of the nicest people on staff, namely Jay and William. No wonder your city is such a wonderful place to visit. Our sincerest thanks to the dealership and these two fine gentlemen who represented their industry and your city with skill, style and great service.

-- Andy Fafard

Pinellas Park, Fla.

Future ‘happy camper’?

Kudos to the city of Warner-Robins. They finally installed a sidewalk on Greenbriar Drive. For years I have been afraid that a pedestrian would be hurt or killed there. The skate center is on Greenbriar and there are a lot of pedestrians, almost all children. The street has become a thoroughfare so there is also a lot of vehicular traffic. Now if we could just get some decent lighting over here. There are streetlights but they are from the ‘70s and they are clearly not up to the job. The whole neighborhood is rather dark and some improvements in this area are sorely needed. If we could please get some real streetlights I would be the proverbial happy camper.

-- Randal D. Duckworth


Republican agenda

To the employees of Central Georgia health System, have you ever heard of Obamacare? Do you thoroughly understand Obamacare? If you have, then you need to be directing your complaints to your Republican governor and representatives you most likely voted for. Are you just to dumb to understand that indigent care would be funded by Obamacare, and you wouldn’t have your problems? When will you learn that Republicans could care less about the American people if it doesn’t suit their self business agenda. Erick Erickson said, his pick for Senate is Jack Kingston, a Republican who released his 2008 tax return, and he and his wife paid $10,000 in taxes on $164,000. That’s just above 6 percent. How much taxes did we pay? Twenty percent? Thirty percent? Absolutely hilarious.

-- C.M.Cooley


Protector of all

First of all, let me congratulate the editors for using the most appropriate headline when you printed Craig Graham’s letter in Sunday’s Viewpoints. “Time to hide?” fits the anti-gun crowd to a tee. Secondly, I would like to advise Mr Graham that this “white, straight, male” will go about my business on July 1, armed as usual and I will not do so in a “wild-west” manner. I will not disrupt any businesses, bars, churches or city halls. Tourism and convention venues will not suffer. Why? Because I choose to obey the law. My weapon will stay on my side and will not arbitrarily kill someone. Just like the doomsday Sunday alcohol claims that death and carnage will surely engulf the state, this “wild-west” slobbering will pass, too.

One other thing I would like to pass on to Graham. If I happen to be in the same general area as him, and one of our local miscreants decides to break the law and threaten me, or Mr Graham and his family for that matter, he is welcome to run and hide. I will stand my ground and risk my life to protect all of us.

-- Ron Renno


Obey the law

Not using turn signals (using them after you start the turn doesn’t count), using the middle left-turn-only lane of a five-lane road to merge with oncoming traffic. Driving without headlights in the rain and anytime 30 minutes after sunset, or 30 minutes before sunrise (parking lights are for parking, not driving), and failing to dim headlights within 500 feet of an approaching vehicle. Texting while driving, running fully red traffic lights, driving over the center lane, stopping in the middle of the street to talk to someone and throwing litter out your car’s window.

None of the above are courteous to other drivers and they are all against Georgia law. Please protect yourself and others by being courteous while driving, using common sense, and obeying the law. It’s that bad in our community or I would not have taken the time to write this letter.

-- Lee Martin


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