AC Pup: Two dogs left at Macon church need a home

June 20, 2014 

Peewee and Peanut are in need of a loving home after they were found abandoned at First Baptist Church of Christ on Poplar Street in Macon.


The summer breeze was gently blowing on the lovely Sunday morning two weeks ago in Macon. Folks were arriving at their revered places of worship, as is the Southern Sunday routine.

The schedule in the Bible Belt doesn’t vary too much. It usually consists of Sunday School, church and then lunch. In fact, church members tease their pastors, asking them to please don’t run long on the sermon so they can beat the other denominations to the restaurants. That’s a longstanding joke in the faith community.

But the scene was a little different that particular morning at First Baptist Church of Christ, the beautiful church that proudly sits at the top of Poplar Street in Macon. As the members were arriving ready to enter the sanctuary for service, they were greeted with a gut-wrenching, disturbing sight.

There beside the door were two dog crates complete with dogs inside. Upon closer inspection, it was clear there were two small dogs that were confused, scared and trembling. It was also clear they were two dogs that were obviously someone’s pets.

They were well-nourished and healthy. But they were heartbroken. These were not the type of dogs accustomed to being abandoned. These were not dogs that were streetwise. They had obviously been loved.

Also left along with the dogs were dog beds, food, treats, leashes, food and water bowls -- and a handwritten letter. The parent of the dogs was the author of the letter.

It was an emotional letter, citing personal difficulties that prevented him or her from keeping Peanut and Peewee, the two precious dogs that had been members of the family for years. Economic pressure that has plagued our nation for some time had taken its toll.

Not wanting to take them to the pound in Macon, the owner felt there was no other choice but to relinquish these babies along with their belongings in a safe zone at the church. The owner’s hope was that someone would provide the home these sweet dogs deserved.

As fate would have it, someone from the Episcopal Church called my Aunt Patti Jones while she was at her Methodist church. So she raced to the Baptist church to rescue the dogs.

The small, friendly older dogs, both neutered, current on shots, well-behaved and house-trained, are still with my Aunt Patti. But they are seeking a permanent home together in a stable environment. If you know someone interested in two perfect dogs, contact me at

It’s sad when families are separated from their pets for any reason. But it’s especially sad that families are fractured due to difficulty providing for their pets.

There are resources out there available to help keep pets and their families together. My nonprofit organization, Central Georgia CARES, is one of them. If you find yourself in a trying situation and you’re considering separating from your pet, please pursue options other than abandoning loved ones.

As for Peanut and Peewee, they’re hoping someone will step forward to adopt them so they may live out the rest of their years safe, secure and together. Contact me if you can help them.

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