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June 20, 2014 

City’s responsibility

I would like to comment on two recent topics: Robert Bowen’s letter about the animal shelter versus the museums, and the Catholic school versus Flint Dollar and his supporters.

The city is responsible for the care of these living, feeling and bleeding animals. If the citizens won’t or don’t shoulder their responsibilities, then it is the city’s responsibility. It has fallen short of performing. It is not the city’s responsibility to provide museums, art or any other amusement. If, as individuals, you want them, support them financially.

Dollar and his students and the board members should practice what he stated was his goal -- stand up for what you believe. For all, the Catholic Church has been doing this a lot longer than any of us. It has taken more abuse than any of us. Dollar accepted its criteria when he became an employee, student or board member. Stop being childish and hypocritical.

-- Mary J. Epps


Who pays?

It amazes me when I read about certain socialistic people such as the pope, clergy and their advocates, concerning their views on income, wealth and life needs. I am not holding my breath until the Vatican allows Pope Francis to redistribute the Catholic Church’s vast wealth. The clergy and their advocates think it wise for Obamacare be given to the poor who are in this country mostly by their own choosing. Their leaders such as Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Democratic Party and the teachers unions -- through their policies, keep their people in their tent. Who is to pay their premiums for Obamacare? You and I as taxpayers. We now pay for their emergency room visits and hospital care.

Also, who pays for the pope’s amenities and the clergy’s salaries and retirement, the welfare recipients?

-- Frank V. Hall



Surrendering leadership, shirking responsibility and shifting blame to others are frequent commentaries of our growing “Don’t Care” culture. In The Telegraph, Mercer law professor David Oedel described a Friday night crime detail which exemplifies our sorry state: “An amazing phenomenon of young people not in formal gangs, but feisty, uncontrollable, with a sense of fatalism, attitude and entitlement.” A parent of one of the teens reflects this same phenomenon. Oedel describes an enraged mother of one of the derelicts who showed no disdain for her future hardened criminal gun-toting teenage son, but directed her anger squarely at the police. Here we have a mother entrusted to train her children to obey the law and yet a nurse, one of our most admired professions, who slams the police instead of accepting her responsibility as a parent. No wonder crime is perceived to be out of control.

-- Thomas R. Mann


Travelers to Israel

I would like to send good wishes to all those in the Rev. Andy Cook’s group who went to Israel, which is one of my ancestral nations. As a Christian who is partly of Jewish decent, I am always proud whenever other Christians want to see Israel. As for myself, I would rather stay near my daddy, who long ago worked for the Georgia State Patrol and served his country in the Air Force, but is now 97 years old.

I hope those in Cook’s group found everything they needed and wanted in Israel.

-- Susan Ganus

Warner Robins

Come home

The agonizing amount of coverage afforded celebrities when they get injured or killed versus our American troops are absurd. Five of our troops were killed by friendly fire. Those individuals all have family and friends, but the media will not examine their loss to America.

Our president just released five terrorists who were intent on killing us all. Every soldier in harm’s way on the pretense of fighting terrorism should be sent home immediately.

-- Joe Hubbard


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