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June 18, 2014 

Succeed or fail

The decision to cut indigent care funding to the Medical Center in favor of restoring funding to The Tubman, Douglass and Museum of Arts of Sciences gives me little hope that Macon/Bibb consolidation will work.

Difficult business decisions are part of the job for our newly consolidated government. The mayor was willing to make a tough decision but our commissioners wilted like flowers in the hot sun. How much of the annual budget for the Tubman, Douglass and Museum of Arts and Sciences is funded by ongoing user fees and dues for the facilities? If they cannot support themselves then perhaps these institutions need to look internally and determine how much to cut from their payroll or other expenses.

The decision to cut funding for indigent care at the Medical Center will eventually force taxpayers of Bibb and the surrounding area to pay for this health care. The Medical Center cannot ignore this need. The indigent will receive proper care and it will be funded with the fees of those who are insured or have the ability to pay.

Let the Tubman, Douglass and Museum of Arts and Sciences stand on their own merit and survive with good financial management or fail due to poor performance and management. Our consolidated government must depend on all entities to pay their way and must stop depending on tax dollars for goods and services that are not properly funded by those who receive the services.

-- Terry Sanders


Old West

I do not think this new gun law is going to help bring more peace, but unfortunately will bring more troubles. They took God out of schools, but you can take guns into churches. Something is wrong with this picture. Again it was voted not to have a nude club entertainment, but we can carry guns into bars. People, prayers are needed more than ever.

-- James Taylor


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