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June 16, 2014 

Disputed study

I want to express my great disappointment in your choice to print on the front page the detrimental and race-baiting article: Study: When money’s tight, humans define ‘people like me’ as more deserving.

The headline sounds logical and balanced, correct? From that point on, the article is simply a thinly veiled manipulation piece produced to get people mad at each other.

First of all, what kind of “psychology lab” would create a one-sided study that measures how only one race of people mistreats all the others, and not at least be fair and balanced in measuring (and reporting) how other races respond in the same circumstances? Then, what about other behavioral factors such as charity, lawfulness, sound parenting and responsibility?

-- Meg Mehserle


Get rid of Republicans

It seems incredible to me that Sen. Saxby Chambliss, a draft dodger, would have any negative comments about the release deal of the Taliban POW. His dishonesty eliminates him from the world of comment on any policy of President Obama. This is the man who claimed he was a resident of Macon by presenting to the local election committee a $15 electric bill. The next day he returned to Moultrie. I understand he is leaving the Senate. Now if we can get rid of a few more Republican politicians, the nation will be in great shape again.

-- Alfred J. Graham


No trial

Why doesn’t the Democratic Party, which tells minorities their party is the only one that cares about them, talk about gun control and the shootings and murders minorities do to each other every day in this country? Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? It should not matter the race of the people getting killed, but the only time race dividers speak out is when a white person shoots or harms a black person, even in clear-cut cases of self defense.

No one seems to care about the slaughter going on every day across this country. It’s only when a mass killer kills working-class people do they talk about gun control. Instead of changing the Constitution to do away with guns, change the Constitution to do away with evil people using guns. Evil has gotten bolder and meaner, so the punishment must get bolder and meaner. When these evil people are caught at the scene, gun in hand, there should be no trial. The only media should be a report about him being shot in the head.

-- Neal Smith


Average rating

I would like to respond to Eaton Wright’s review of Wilson’s Bakery. I find no comment in his review that says anything negative about taste of the treats or the service he received. In one paragraph he says, “And it was delicious.” The review ends with three and a half stars out of five, or seventy percent. Words like “delicious” don’t make me think average. My family and most Middle Georgia residents would agree that Wilson’s Bakery deserves more than an average rating.

-- A.J. Hopkins

Warner Robins

Editor’s note: The highest possible rating for the restaurant reviews is 4 stars.

Still too short

I read the story about the Dewberry plane runway excursion at Macon Downtown Airport and could not help but laugh a little. Since there were no serious injuries, I allowed myself to consider the attorney’s statement about the runway being 200 feet shorter than advertised. Judging from where that plane came to rest, even if the runway was 200 feet longer, it would have still been 200 feet too short.

During my flight training back in 1975, Jim Lowe always reminded me to land on the first part of the runway. He said that if I always did that, it would not matter how long the runway was. Who knows where Dewberry’s pilot actually touched the wheels to the runway?

-- John F. Ricketson III


Sandra Bunn

The Bolingbroke post office has earned a reputation for excellent service to the community. Amongst those most responsible for this tradition was former longtime Postmistress Sandra Bunn. Those of us who didn’t realize she was ill were caught off guard by her obituary in The Telegraph’s June 6 edition.

Bunn lit up the Bolingbroke branch’s utilitarian space with her presence. She could locate a stamp suitable for whatever the occasion, help secure the most fragile of packages and calculate the most expeditious delivery route with dazzling efficiency. Every transaction was sealed with her illuminating smile. She was a treasure and a role model, not only to her husband and sons, but to the many people she served in Monroe and Bibb counties.

-- Joyce R.Ellison



I read my old friend Mark Chidester’s letter in support of the rights of Georgians to be armed anywhere (other than government buildings) in public. I own guns and enjoy hunting everything, but, Georgia’s stand your ground law essentially says if a citizen “believes” he is in danger, not only is the citizen entitled to stand his ground, he may lawfully use deadly force to relieve himself of the danger he perceives.

Perhaps I am missing something, but it seems to me that when confronted with someone packing a weapon, some citizens may incorrectly perceive the situation and they remove the danger by standing their ground and firing their weapon. I don’t speak for anyone other than myself. But I don’t wish to be remembered as the “innocent bystander.”

-- Jon Gary Branan


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