Grisamore: Double up on the brain food

June 15, 2014 

When Monday Morning Trivia is too difficult, I usually hear about it.

Folks don’t just complain. They sulk. They tell me they got skunked, whipped and humiliated. They walk around with their tails tucked between their legs.

I tell them to lighten up and learn. Double up on the brain food.

1. July marks the 20th anniversary of the Flood of 1994, the worst natural disaster in Georgia history. What was the name of the tropical storm that caused the widespread flooding in Georgia?

(A) Alberto. (B) Ricardo. (C) Enrique. (D) Sam.

2. Which of the following is NOT considered a traditional Southern food pairing?

(A) Shrimp and grits. (B) Macaroni and cheese. (C) Bangers and mash. (D) RC Cola and Moon Pie.

3. What was invented in 1793 on a plantation 10 miles northeast of Savannah?

(A) Crock pot. (B) Disposable diapers. (C) iPhone. (D) Cotton gin.

4. Scenes from which 1990 movie starring Christopher Reeve were filmed at Macon’s Hay House?

(A) “Superman.” (B) “Somewhere in Time.” (C) “The Rose and the Jackal.” (D) “Monsignor.”

5. Which of the following in NOT true about former baseball player Inman “Coot” Veal, who graduated from Macon’s Lanier High School?

(A) On April 10, 1961, he led off the bottom of the first inning and became the first player to come to bat in franchise history for the Washington Senators, now the Minnesota Twins. (B) He is the father of Barry Veal, who stepped down Friday after 21 seasons as baseball coach at Jones County High School. (C) He was basketball teammates with Vince Dooley at Auburn. (D) He sang the national anthem during a World Series game at Yankee Stadium.

6. Musician Graham Jackson became a national icon in April 1945 when he was photographed by a Life magazine photographer playing Dvorak’s “Going Home” as the funeral train for President Franklin D. Roosevelt was pulling out of the station at Warm Springs. What musical instrument was Jackson playing?

(A) Saxophone. (B) Accordion. (C) Harmonica. (D) Mandolin.

7. What was the name of the ice cream parlor at the Macon Mall in the 1970s that was popular for its “Pigs Trough” loaded with 12 scoops of ice cream?

(A) Ben & Jerry’s. (C) Dipper Dan. (C) Farrell’s. (C) Tastee Freeze.

8. Which national radio personality paid tribute on the air to Warner Robins Mayor Kemp Harrison when Harrison, a much-beloved pharmacist, died in 1961?

(A) Paul Harvey. (B) Don Imus. (C) Larry King. (D) Rush Limbaugh.

9. The east Georgia community of Waynesboro stakes claim to what title?

(A) Bird dog capital of the world. (C) Lady bug capital of Georgia. (D) Wayne’s World. (D) Lightning bug capital of the South.

10. Geico is the third-largest employer in Middle Georgia. Where are the company’s corporate headquarters located?

(A) Sweet Lips, Tennessee (B) Chevy Chase, Maryland (C) Bee Lick, Kentucky (D) Flea Hop, Alabama.

ANSWERS: (1) A. (2) C. (3) D. (4) C. (5) D. (6) B. (7) C. (8) A. (9) A. (10) B.

REPORT CARD: (9-10) Calorie-free trip to the dessert buffet. (7-8) All-you-can-eat filet mignon. (5-6) Hamburger Helper. (3-4) Today’s special is beets and liver. (0-2) Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup.

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