Georgia’s DNR needs help monitoring bats

lfabian@macon.comJune 13, 2014 

Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources is looking for volunteers to count known bat roosts this summer. This Southeastern brown bat was relocated from Central City Park in 1998.

Not many people go out of their way looking for bats, but that is what the Georgia Department of Natural Resources is asking volunteers to do.

White-nose syndrome, a fast-spreading disease that’s fatal to bats, was detected in the state last year. Biologists fear it could affect the population.

“Emergence counts are one of the easiest ways to estimate bat numbers at summer roosts,” said Trina Morris, a DNR wildlife biologist who studies bats. “You can invite your friends over to enjoy the show and take advantage of the natural pest control the bats are providing.”

Participants who know they have bats roosting on their property are asked to count them twice during the summer.

Download instructions and forms from

Those interested in building a roost can find instructions at or information on kits and completed boxes at

The DNR warns bats are finicky, so follow instructions for creating habitats to have the best chance for attracting the winged creatures that feed on insects.

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