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June 11, 2014 

Different times

In yesteryear the government served the people; America was feared and respected around the world; children were taught to think and to challenge; we depended on each other; controlled our own destiny; accepted responsibility for our actions and were obedient servants of God.

James Madison (the primary author of the Constitution) said, “We have staked the whole future of our new nation not upon the power of government; far from it. We have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments.”

Today we’re controlled by the government. We teach children intellectual obedience and bribe countries to be our best friends. We have removed God from the public arena and elected providers. When the conduct and decisions of those providers mock the Ten Commandments they’re elevated to rock star status.

-- Travis L. Middleton

Peach County

Blind justice?

In relation to Catherine Meeks’ “Not in my name,” she said: No one’ has the right to take another life for personal revenge.” However in the Old Testament, God laid out punishment for one who injures another in a physical way and his rule of punishment was meant to be carried out by the nation of Israel, not by individuals.

Meeks, in saying we unfairly punish the poor and those of color rather than across the board in an equal and fair manner, insinuates for every person of color a non-person of color should be punished. Is this another form of an eye for an eye using skin color? Meeks’ conscience is safe for laws carried out by the nation of the United States are applied in the name of blind justice, not in her name or skin color.

-- Faye W. Tanner


Making the connection

We have proudly watched our 54 grads walk across the stage and now we can all exclaim: What a wonderful year it’s been, Georgia Connections Academy. It takes a village to get to the end of every school year. At a virtual charter school like ours it takes students, parental learning coaches, teachers and even a principal.

Our graduates were blessed with multiple scholarships, which we believe is a testimonial not only to their hard work, but to their promising future. We have rising stars among us and even for the most cynical, it makes a heart beat with pride knowing there are young people ready to do great things in this world.

President Barack Obama took office saying that America is still a place where all things are possible, the dreams of our Founders are still alive and the person giving voice to ideas that make a difference still of importance. I am proud to see so many young men and women from Georgia give substance to this statement of hope.

I salute those who have taken the time to study and learn, to better their minds and fashion plans of action that will make us proud, whether in college or at a career.

The young graduates are our hope and at Georgia Connections Academy, we salute you.

And for those of you not yet sure of where you belong in this world, we invite you to join us and find a better school and a path to success.

-- Heather Robinson


Strides against cancer

My staff and I at the Atlanta Oncology Associates at Taylor Regional had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga., during a recent tour of our radiation oncology center.

During his visit we were able to display the value and delivery of radiation therapy to cancer patients through modern technologies, which enable our physicians and physicists to provide targeted radiation doses that avoid unnecessary damage to healthy tissues.

After touring the office and meeting our team, we were able to give a demonstration of how a linear accelerator operates, as well as share some of the challenges we face providing high quality health care in a rural community.

Freestanding centers like ours offer many cancer patients the option to access quality care not in a distant hospital or specialty center, but rather a more convenient and comfortable outpatient setting closer to home.

However, in order to continue to provide this high-quality access to care, it is imperative that lawmakers begin to focus on developing policies that provide a firm, predictable Medicare payment system that reduces risks for freestanding cancer centers.

Our physicians need stable and adequate resources available to cover treatment costs, maintain staffing levels and acquire and maintain the equipment necessary for effective care.

We thank Rep. Scott for taking the time to visit our center to learn more about radiation oncology and the strides our community is making in the battle against cancer.

-- Dale McCord, M.D., FACR

Atlanta Oncology Associates

Time’s pendulum

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” are rights given us by our creator and protected by government. They seemingly have lost their meaning or been amended until almost every ethnic, political and social group claims exclusive ownership.

Americans of Southern ancestry are commonly treated as if they should be ashamed of their heritage and that rights extend to them only within the boundary of political correctness. Our museums are not supplemented by taxes, our history has vanished from textbooks. Our anthems cannot be sung nor our flags flown.

No other culture must exist within these restraints of unwritten law. Civil rights and equality are constantly championed but promoters do not mean one syllable of their words. Southerners seem mandated to yield our sacred birthright while others get a free pass.

In today’s America, any mention of the Confederacy is dishonored, rejected, slandered, restricted and turned into a tourist sideshow. Such inequality is rampant and you might think that is right.

You may freely lie about racism, sling snide remarks that you deem to be clever or contemplate legislation making allegiance to Southern heritage a crime. Perhaps you are gullible enough to think I care about the names I’m called or criticism you send, but you are just not worth being offended. God helping me, I will not deviate from the stand I take, the values I emulate or the beliefs I hold. Today ignorance holds full sway but time’s pendulum swings both ways.

-- John Wayne Dobson


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