HARMON: Different career choices

June 11, 2014 

Yes, we turned five guys loose whose sole mission in life is to kill us. We’re going to trust Qatar for one year as to where they are and what they are doing. But, not to worry, if they’re doing something John Kerry deems inappropriate he will simply have them eliminated. I’m fine with the last part of the deal, but I wonder what we’re thinking turning these five loose in the first place.

Will you explain to me what it is they do for a living? Will they go back to being plumbers, electricians, cab drivers or perhaps a teacher in a college classroom somewhere? What was it they did in the years before they were discovered plotting and in some cases carrying out crimes against humanity? How does one go from being a killer to once again fixing faucets? It seems as though the latter would be very boring after the former.

Did they learn to love us while spending time at Gitmo? After all, they had dentists, doctors, nutritionists and others looking after their every need for 10-plus years. Perhaps they changed their minds about us. Maybe they want to explore capitalism, democracy or some other American way. Is it possible that, after additional rehabilitation, a writing career or the lecture circuit is in the cards? Our retired politicians and those wanting to get ahead use this approach all the time.

Maybe a stint as a political reporter or being a panelist on a news program would fill their desire to be more involved politically. Sometimes people such as these just want to be loved. Who knows, conversion to the Catholic faith or the missionary fields? How about working at the Carter Center?

With a clean slate and the forgiveness available through the Protestant Church, building houses for Habitat for Humanity would put their carpentry skills to work, not to mention their expertise with explosives when land needed to be cleared.

No, the truth is they will have none of this because their mission, what really rings their bells and makes their day complete, is the killing of innocents, and the controlling of every aspect of other people’s lives. Now that is something in which they can get excited.

So when someone tells us they will be good boys, going home and becoming productive members of society, I just cannot swallow it. And if only one in three re-enter the world of terrorism, which one of those five will it be? Who will be the innocent victim of the “one”? Will it be the couple at the outdoor cafe, the innocent little girl walking home from a day at the market, or a party of wedding goers celebrating after the ceremony? Remember, one of these guys will not turn himself around and relishes the thought of once again bringing his brand of “justice” to those who will have none of it.

It’s that one, the one for whom rehabilitation was just time spent eating more good food, the one who thinks he can change the world by blowing it up. He’s the one I worry about. The one who doesn’t understand the awesomeness of a sunset seen with family, three dogs whose love is unconditional and a grandson who enjoyed his little red wagon yesterday. He’s the one, and it only takes one. But we all know he’s not the only one.

Yes, Mr. Kerry believes all but one of those sent to Qatar will retire to lives filled with love and humanitarian efforts on behalf of the world. His view is simply foolish and he fails to see that they know nothing but mayhem and carnage in a part of the world we should be out of as soon as possible. I failed to mention that a cooking show might be an option for one of the four, but what could they possibly have on the menu?

Sonny Harmon is a professor emeritus at Georgia Military College. Visit his blog at http://sharmon09.blogspot.com.

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