The Cop Shop: ‘Bully’ sister cusses ‘punk’ brother in house-cleaning spat

jkovac@macon.comJune 7, 2014 

Cussing and yelling spewed from an apartment. A Bibb County sheriff’s deputy on patrol in Macon’s Unionville neighborhood heard it from his patrol car. It was about 9:45 on Mother’s Day morning. The deputy made his way to the door of a Churchill Street apartment. Inside, a brother and sister were screaming at each other. “Sheriff’s office!” the deputy said. The sister could be heard telling the brother, “Don’t go nowhere, you punk. ... Don’t run now.” The brother replied, “I don’t give a (expletive) about going to jail.” When the door opened, the sister, 18, said she had gotten up early to clean, “to perform a nice gesture for her mother since it was Mother’s Day,” the deputy’s report said. The sister added that the cleaning woke her 29-year-old brother, “who grew irate,” triggering an expletive-laced yelling match. The sister said she is “not the type to back down.” The deputy cited the pair for disorderly conduct, but didn’t take them to jail. “I advised both parties that I really did not want to ruin their Mother’s Day by locking both of (their mother’s) children up,” the deputy wrote. He warned the siblings to calm down and “go separate ways.” When the brother told his side of the story, he said the problem wasn’t that his sister woke early to clean. He said his sister, who outweighs him by about 100 pounds, had cranked up some music and refused to turn it down. He said that “he is a short male and doesn’t weigh a lot,” and his sister is “always trying to bully him.” The brother added that it especially infuriated him that morning when his sister “put her breasts on top of his head in a disrespectful manner.”

It was past 2:30 in the morning on May 14 when a Bibb deputy was dispatched to a domestic dispute on Rogers Avenue. According to the deputy’s report, he “mediated the situation,” which involved a man pushing his wife “because she tried to get into bed without showering after urinating on herself.”

A man said he invited his ex-girlfriend over to cook dinner. While she was at his North O’Hara Drive residence in southwest Macon, they argued about a call she received on her cellphone. According to a Bibb deputy’s report of the May 11 matter, the man, 31, said he took the ex-girlfriend’s phone and hid it. That’s when she “grabbed a vase and threw it through a bedroom window,” the report said. While the deputy was there, the man returned the woman’s phone and said he wouldn’t press charges if she would pay for the busted window.

On May 12, a woman at the Palm Tree Inn on Riverside Drive told a deputy that someone stole the rims and tires off her 1999 Ford Expedition. The woman, 46, said the thief had “replaced them with some crappy tires and rims.” ... A 20-year-old Bonaire man was pulled over on suspicion of drunken driving by a Bibb deputy May 17. The 175-pound driver didn’t look like the person in the photo on his license. The person in the license was apparently much heftier. The driver informed the deputy, according to a report, that he “used to be a fat ass.” ... A 63-year-old woman visited her mother’s grave at Macon Memorial Park cemetery on Mother’s Day. While she was at the grave, someone rode up, busted one of her car’s windows, reached in and made off with a bag containing $150 worth of music CDs. ... Later that day, a 58-year-old woman on Melvin Place in southeast Macon called the law about a 27-year-old woman who, according to a report, “threw a shoe at her and terrorized her dog.”

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