All-Middle Georgia track and field teams

June 6, 2014 

The All-Middle Georgia team members had the best mark/time at the GHSA or GISA state track meets. Honorable mentions were the next five best marks/times (and ties) set at either region, sectional or state meets.


Athlete of the Year: Qua Searcy, Lamar County

100 meters

Jaquivius Cannon, East Laurens, 10.55

Honorable mentions: Lance Austin, Lamar County; Sonate Reynolds, Hancock Central; Mario McClendon, Bleckley County; Hayden Graham, Stratford; Akebren Ralls, Mary Persons.


Quintaveon Poole, Washington County, 21.62

Honorable mentions: Jaquivius Cannon, East Laurens; Mario McClendon, Bleckley County; Sonate Reynolds, Hancock Central; Kereon Merrell, Dooly County; Lance Austin, Lamar County.


Quintaveon Poole, Washington County, 47.30

Honorable mentions: Donterious Copeland, Westside; Temperance Simmons, East Laurens; Kereon Merrell, Dooly County; Terry Dorsey, Putnam County; Hayden Graham, Stratford.


Kaleb McLeod, Trinity Christian, 1:58.99

Honorable mentions: Madison Duggan, CFCA; Eli Belflower, Bleckley County; Chauncie Davis, Baldwin; Darius Cooper, Rutland; Jacob Burgamy, Brentwood.


Kaleb McLeod, Trinity Christian, 4:21.23

Honorable mentions: Clay Woolfolk, Veterans; Jacob Burgamy, Brentwood; Madison Duggan, CFCA; Jackson Reid, Perry; Eli Belflower, Bleckley County.


Kaleb McLeod, Trinity Christian, 9:30.34

Honorable mentions: Clay Woolfolk, Veterans; Jackson Reid, Perry; Will Martin, FPD; Jacob McLeod, Trinity Christian; Michael Rowlands, Veterans.

110 hurdles

Lawrence Austin, Lamar County, 14.39

Honorable mentions: Jonathan Raines, FPD; Trey Graham, Fitzgerald; Darius Bradford, West Laurens; Christian Moore, FPD; Anthony Taylor, Washington County.

300 hurdles

Lawrence Austin, Lamar County, 38.12

Honorable mentions: Damian Sanders, Washington County; Brandon Bawn, Rutland; Malcom Lowe, Peach County; Trey Graham, Fitzgerald; TJ Lowe, GMC.

4x100 relay

Lamar County, 41.51

Honorable mentions: Fitzgerald, Westside, Dooly County, Mary Persons, Hancock Central.

4x400 relay

Lamar County, 3:22.63

Honorable mentions: Washington County, Fitzgerald, Rutland, Westside, Perry.

Shot put

Drake Scott, Trinity Christian, 49-5

Honorable mentions: Adajour Banks, Northside; Caleb Samuel, FPD; Melvin Alexander, Hancock Central; Brandon Sandifer, Northside; Edregas O’Neal, Jones County.

High jump

Qua Searcy, Lamar County, 6-8

Honorable mentions: Charlie Staton, GMC; Cam O’Neal, John Milledge; Kelton Williams, Fitzgerald; Darius Collins, Houston County; Dallas Smith, Rutland.


Shamar Slappy, Bleckley County, 145-8

Honorable mentions: Robby Watson, FPD; Jaitus Allen, Northside; Caleb Samuel, FPD; Kevin Nixon, Peach County; Demarcus Davis, Mary Persons.

Triple jump

Brandon Bawn, Rutland, 47-7

Honorable mentions: Donterious Copeland, Westside, Qua Searcy, Lamar County; Trey Graham, Fitzgerald; Daveion Mathis, Dooly County; TJ Lowe, GMC.

Long jump

Qua Searcy, Lamar County, 23-4

Honorable mentions: Romarius Gaulden, Fitzgerald; Shakenneth Williams, Rutland; Jametavious Daniels, Dooly County; DeQavius Walker, Westside; Patrick Sinclair, Southwest.

Pole vault

Lee Powers-Eaton, Washington County, and Hugh Duggan, Westfield, 14-0

Honorable mentions: Josh Miller, FPD; Brenton Rosa, Trinity Christian; Chandler Eckler, Fitzgerald; Jacob Tarver, Tattnall.


Athlete of the Year: Cassondra Hall, Northside


Cassondra Hall, Northside, 11.66

Honorable mentions: Katie Stone, Stratford; Amecia Pennamon, Mary Persons; Keondria Simmons, Peach County; Tamdra Lawrence, Westside; Tyler Ragin, Rutland.


Cassondra Hall, Northside, 24.14

Honorable mentions: Zykeria Williams, Baldwin; Tamdra Lawrence, Westside; Amecia Pennamon, Mary Persons; Katie Stone, Stratford; Desiree Blunt, Twiggs County.


Tia Williams, Northside, 56.09

Honorable mentions: Mya Ford, Westside; Katie Stone, Stratford; Amber McCrary, Baldwin; Toneah Martin, Northside; Calli McMullen, GMC.


Ellen Powell, Bleckley County, 2:19.44

Honorable mentions: Jessy Tallant, Mount de Sales; Mya Ford, Westside; Jessica Smith, FPD; Cali Ruth Hays, Stratford; Abby Booth, Perry.


Jessica Smith, FPD, 5:16.42

Honorable mentions: Ellen Powell, Bleckley County; Jessy Tallant, Mount de Sales; Cali Ruth Hays, Stratford; Abby Booth, Perry; Madison Stokes, Mount de Sales.


Madison Stokes, Mount de Sales, 12:08.36

Honorable mentions: Bethanie Bailey, Veterans; Ivie Nobles, Twiggs Academy; Faith Siror, Mount de Sales; Cali Ruth Hays, Stratford; Katie O’Quinn, FPD.

100 hurdles

Samone Burger, Dublin, 15.39

Honorable mentions: Zykeria Williams, Baldwin; Tierra Whitlock, Monticello; Janai Scott, Rutland; Grace Bridges, Gatewood; Takera James, Northside.

300 hurdles

Tierra Whitlock, Monticello, 44.72

Honorable mentions: Iycis Hammock, Howard; Kamare Wayes, Northeast; Morgan Carelock, Jeff Davis; Takera James, Northside; Kamia Thomas, Monticello.

4x100 relay

Northside, 46.82

Honorable mentions: Baldwin, Rutland, Westside, Peach County, Monticello

4x400 relay

Northside, 3:48.91

Honorable mentions: Northeast, Jeff Davis, Baldwin, Westside, Mary Persons

Shot put

Maggie Varner, Lamar County, 35-2

Honorable mentions: Mekhaela Witherspoon, Northside; Cody Chandler, Putnam County; Alexis Walker, Johnson County; Brianna Feaster, West Laurens; Kardejah Anderson, Vidalia.

High jump

Tierra Whitlock, Monticello, 5-2

Honorable mentions: Daisha Terry, Westside; Morgan Carelock, Jeff Davis; Amber McCrary, Baldwin; Marlee Malcom, Gatewood; Taylor Reese, Stratford.


Mary Wilson Avant, Stratford, 117-5

Honorable mentions: Mekhaela Witherspoon, Northside; Maggie Johnston, FPD; Tristan Herndon, Jeff Davis; Sunshine Walton, Northside; Leslie Calvert, Gatewood.

Triple jump

Jordan Allen, Tattnall Square, 36-7

Honorable mentions: Zykeria Williams, Baldwin; Jabree Jones, Rutland; Kayla Waters, Southwest; Totyanna Badger, Howard; Jaliah Jackson, Northeast.

Long jump

Jordan Allen, Tattnall Square, 17-6.25

Honorable mentions: Tyler Ragin, Rutland; Kayla Waters, Southwest; Dy’Asiza Cherry, Veterans; Breanca Davis, Rutland; Marlee Malcom, Gatewood.

Pole vault

Carson Dingler, FPD, 12-7

Honorable mentions: Leah Ward, Fitzgerald; Alex Wallace, Fitzgerald; Caitlyn Stephens, Trinity Christian; Jada Thompson, Robert Toombs; Ally Raymond, Stratford; Shamia Wright, Howard; Meagan Roberts, Monticello; Brittany Mason, Jeff Davis; Katie Weatherford, Brentwood; Nebekah Smith, Baldwin.

Boys Track

2014: Qua Searcy, Lamar County

2013: Malik Broughton, Veterans

2012: Jabrelle Crawford, Putnam County

2011: Jabrelle Crawford, Putnam County

2010: Travis Richmond, Peach County

2009: Aaron Allen, Warner Robins

2008: Deryan Sims, Jeff Davis

2007: James Hagan, Northside

2006: Brett Layson, Tattnall Square

2005: Ben Gray, FPD

2004: Antwain Jones, Mary Persons

2003: Jason Bell, Northside

2002: Pedro Powell, Hawkinsville

2001: LeKevin Smith, Stratford

2000: Tony Hollings, Twiggs County

1999: Dontarrius Thomas, Perry

1998: Jamel Ashley, West Laurens

1997: Kenzi Ross, Peach County

1996: Deik Jackson, Macon County

1995: Greg Garth, Americus

1994: Juaquin Feazell, Peach County

Girls Track

2014: Cassondra Hall, Northside

2013: Anasterasia Terrell, Howard

2012: Sarah Howard, Trinity Christian

2011: Sarah Howard, Trinity Christian

2010: Sarah Howard, Trinity Christian

2009: Ashley Cope, FPD

2008: Kim Johnson, Twiggs County

2007: Pearline Walker, Baldwin

2006: Ashley Arnold, Bleckley County

2005: Carilla Hollingshed, Peach County

2004: Amy Jones, Brentwood

2003: Stephanie Smith, Northeast

2002: Moteak Sanford, Northeast

2001: Stephanie Smith, Northeast

2000: Stephanie Smith, Northeast

1999: Debbie Thomas, Americus

1998: LaToya Davis, Mary Persons

1997: Nakeitra Jones, Northeast

1996: Nakeitra Jones, Northeast

1995: Becky Dyson, Northside

1994: Mandy Woods, FPD

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