AC Pup celebrates a symphony of success

June 6, 2014 

Just a reminder: Saturday, June 7, is the big day to help the Harper family of five whose home burned to the ground on Easter weekend. My nonprofit group, Central Georgia CARES, will be at Forest Hills United Methodist Church at 1217 Forest Hill Road in Macon this morning from 9 until noon collecting items for the Harpers.

Pack up your car with anything you can spare, except clothes, to help the Harpers. They are literally starting all over from scratch so they need everything. Don’t worry if there are duplicate donations, just bring what you can. And if you know anyone who has an extra double-wide mobile home they’re ready to part with, please let us know. Hope to see you at the church this morning!

That’s all for the reminder. Now, I’ll move on to my story for today.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Monroe County Animal Control and the fabulous job those folks are doing in their county. As they work hard to not only protect the public, as every municipal shelter is required to do, they understand that they can protect the public and save the lives of adoptable animals at the same time. It really is possible.

There are many reasons they are able to save so many animals instead of euthanizing them. But the predominant reason for lives being saved is through solid relationships with active rescue groups.

While there are numerous fabulous rescue groups that continually interact with Monroe County Animal Control to help find homes for these pets, there is one rescue group that focuses on them exclusively. That is Save A Pet in Monroe County.

Save A Pet has been saving animals at Monroe County Animal Control since 1998. The rescue was located in Bolingbroke for many of those years until it recently moved to a temporary location while its new shelter is being built.

Even while Save a Pet is in somewhat of a holding pattern regarding animal intake as construction on the shelter continues, the rescue group is still assisting Monroe County Animal Shelter by pulling some dogs for adoption and fostering puppies and sometimes kittens as they await transfer to Atlanta or the Northeast.

Because of Save A Pet’s relationship with Becky Merritt, director of Monroe County Animal Control, the rescue can help them in other ways as well. Save A Pet shares food and treats with the county, which can really help out with Becky’s food budget at the shelter.

And when Save A Pet’s new facility is complete, the rescue group will be able to save even more animals from Monroe County’s shelter. Becky can count on Save A Pet helping to keep her euthanasia rate really low because Save A Pet will have space to help out even more.

And really, that’s what a successful county shelter can be. It’s sort of like a lovely symphony with everyone playing an important, integral part in making it work for the animals and the public.

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