The Cop Shop: Man tells deputy, ‘I own America’

jkovac@macon.comMay 31, 2014 

An unruly man who’d stirred up a fuss at a Salvation Army shelter was on his cellphone when a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy arrived there about 10 p.m. The man, 30, informed the deputy that he had every right to be on the phone because, as he put it, “I own America.” The guy said he was on the line with the Department of Defense. The deputy escorted the man outside the Broadway shelter to the man’s rental car. The car, a new Hyundai Accent, had been reported stolen by a rental service in Detroit when it wasn’t returned on time, according to the deputy’s May 9 write-up. The man claimed he was buying the car. He said he was in Georgia visiting his kids. The deputy arrested him on a theft charge. On the ride to the county lockup, the man reportedly said, “I demand you to take me to the hospital.” Why, the deputy asked. Because, the man said, “I need my marijuana.”

On May 11, a Macon man and his wife pulled into their driveway on Gwinnett Drive and saw a man in their front yard yelling. He had apparently been drinking. The man, 27, was their neighbor from across the street, which runs west of Pierce Avenue not far from Interstate 75. The neighbor was complaining about loud music coming from a car that belonged to a guest of the couple’s. The husband and the neighbor “got into a verbal argument that became very loud,” an incident report of the 10 p.m. episode noted. The neighbor’s dog had then run up to the husband “in an aggressive manner, growling and snarling.” The husband heaved a brick and shooed the dog. The dog’s owner, the neighbor, then “rushed” the husband, who pushed the neighbor down, the report said. While the deputy was there, the dog came up and began to “growl and snarl” at the husband. The deputy told the neighbor to control his dog. “Just go ahead and shoot it,” the neighbor said. The deputy said, “You want me to shoot the dog?” The neighbor replied, “Yeah, I can’t make it come.” The deputy called the dog over. It came, and it followed the deputy to the neighbor’s door. “I opened the door ... and told the dog to go inside. It did,” the deputy wrote in his report. Situation defused. The neighbor was cited for having an unrestrained dog.

It was about 1:30 in the morning on May 10 when a man gave a lady friend a lift. He dropped her off on Ruark Road, south of U.S. 80 in east Macon. When she got out, the man spotted a fellow he knows named Yo-yo. Yo-yo walked toward the car. The man figured Yo-yo was coming to chat, a Bibb deputy’s report said. But Yo-yo did more than that. He reportedly reached in the car, snatched a stick out of the man’s lap and proceeded to smack the car’s side-view mirror and windshield. A deputy asked the man in the car why he had a stick in his lap. For safety, the man said. Then the deputy asked the man how he knew Yo-yo. The man, the deputy’s report noted, said he owed Yo-yo money for drugs.

A deputy pulled over a 2010 Chevy Impala on May 9 at a Mercer University Drive convenience mart. The car, reportedly stolen, was being driven by a 63-year-old man. Also on board, a deputy’s report stated, was a cold, open, 24-ounce can of Icehouse beer. It was about 9 a.m., and when the deputy poured out the brew-ski, the driver joked that the lawman was “wasting my breakfast.”

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