Bibb County adds ‘contested’ to Bibb-Monroe county line sign

awomack@macon.comMay 28, 2014 

The chairman of the Monroe County Commission said commissioners didn’t mean to start a spat when they posted a county line sign on New Forsyth Road.

A resident in a nearby subdivision had asked for a sign, and commissioners granted his request, said Mike Bilderback, commission chairman.

With concerns that motorists might become confused about the location of the Bibb-Monroe County border, Bibb County added a second sign May 15 denoting that the county line is “contested,” said Chris Floore, Macon-Bibb County spokesman.

The exact location of the border has been unclear for a decade, since a Monroe County grand jury said action needed to be taken to determine the border’s location. The Georgia Supreme Court remanded the issue back to a Fulton County judge this spring, the latest development in a court battle between the two counties for tax revenue.

Bilderback said Monroe commissioners planted the sign according to a 2009 survey.

Bilderback said he told Macon Mayor Robert Reichert about the sign before it was placed.

“I don’t want our relationship to be based on this one thing,” he said. “We share a lot of services along the line. ... I want us to have a good relationship.”

There are times when deputies and firefighters from both counties work together. The counties have recently agreed to work together as part of a regional emergency radio network, Bilderback said.

“This was nothing provocative on our part,” he said.

Floore said the “contested” sign was made by county workers, and it cost between $20 and $30 dollars.

“It probably would have cost just as much in time and labor to take (the county line sign) down,” he said.

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