AC Pup’s Facebook friends rise to the occasion

May 23, 2014 

This dog was a on a transport headed to New Jersey when he got loose in a high-traffic area along Riverside Drive on May 17. Animal rescuers came out in force to search, successfully, for the young blind and deaf dog.


Last Saturday started off as a beautiful, sunny, unseasonably cool morning. It was one of those mornings you felt like you could leisurely enjoy reading the newspaper sitting outside with the birds singing, the coffee steaming and just loving life.

But in animal rescue, those moments of relaxation are all too fleeting. Just ask anyone who has worked in this area for any length of time. A period of respite is something that is coveted but not usually obtained.

And so it was on Saturday. With a post on Facebook, the entire day changed.

I learned that a transporter carrying dogs headed for New Jersey was passing through Macon and stopped at the Cracker Barrel on Riverside Drive. Unfortunately, one of the dogs escaped. To make matters worse, although young, the dog was blind and deaf.

Wandering near Riverside Drive is dangerous for a dog with vision and hearing. Imagine the hazard to a dog who can neither see nor hear in such in a high-traffic area. This was a very serious situation where time was of the essence.

I immediately posted on my Facebook page that the dog was missing and asked for help looking for her. I never dreamed what would happen next.

As soon as I posted that plea for help, people came from everywhere. Rescuers and other caring people converged near Cracker Barrel, including Cracker Barrel employees. They were all trying to help.

Probably no one realized before that there is a steep drop-off behind the building as well as the one next to it. As fate would have it, the dog was spotted down that deep slope.

Rescuers have never been known to let obstacles get in the way of saving an animal. So the cliff was merely an annoyance. Rescuers were going down the slope to reach her.

Finally, after some coaxing and the skill of an experienced rescuer, the dog was leashed. So all was well with the dog. But the crisis did not end there.

While the remaining rescuers were putting the dog in the car to go home with Aunt Patti, there was a terrible explosion only a few yards away. Apparently, the propane from a gas grill a gentleman was working on blew up.

The force from the explosion knocked the man to the ground some distance from the grill. The rescuers raced to offer aid to the man and realized he had significant burns on his body.

They immediately jumped into action to do what they could to tend to him and arrange for emergency treatment. We are praying he will make a full recovery from his burns.

It was a busy day for rescuers. They saved both a dog and a man. But rescuers are selfless, caring people who rapidly respond to anyone in need. I’m so thankful they love both people and animals. I think they’re unsung heroes.

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