Northside High twins make impression as valedictorian, salutatorian

alopez@macon.comMay 21, 2014 

Twins Austin and Anna Maddox both took honors chemistry with Northside High School science teacher Jami Moore.

Beyond graduating as the top two students by grade point average in their class, Moore said they also are special for the kindness they showed in their time at the school.

“Kids are very cliquish, but they are both just about everybody” Moore said. “Both are just so compassionate and friendly. Everybody knows them, and they know everybody.”

Austin and Anna, both about 6 feet tall, also contributed as the starting goalkeepers for the Northside High boys and girls soccer teams.

“You either look really good or really bad,” Austin said about the goalkeeper position. “You’re either the hero or the villain.”

Having to recover quickly, even after failing to stop the opposing team from scoring, Anna said she had to develop a short memory as a goalkeeper.

“You have to have mental toughness,” she said.

Anna, the salutatorian, is planning to play Division I soccer at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, and pursue a degree in the medical field. Austin, the valedictorian, is planning to pursue a degree in industrial engineering at Georgia Tech.

The twins said their parents always made time to volunteer with school-related activities and taught them to work hard toward their goals. Their father, James Maddox, is on the Houston County school board.

“Mom used to help out all the time in elementary school,” Austin said. “Even as we got older they stayed involved. They were there at every sports game.”

The twins also expressed gratitude for their teachers.

“We’ve had some great teachers along the way,” Anna said. “That kind of led us to where we are today.”

Excelling academically and competing on the soccer field, the twins also have been active in their community, volunteering through their church and other service organizations.

Anna was the Northside High senior class secretary, and Austin was the class treasurer. He also was voted “Mr. Northside.”

Lori Zavetz teaches social studies. She said Anna took her Advanced Placement psychology course, and the two have become close.

“She’s not one to need a lot of attention,” Zavetz said. “She doesn’t need the spotlight on her, which she definitely deserves.”

Zavetz complimented the Maddox family for raising the twins to be respectful.

“We’re not supposed to have favorites, but kids like them make it hard.”

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