Houston commits to not raising taxes

wcrenshaw@macon.comMay 20, 2014 

The Houston County commissioners have some work to do to balance the proposed budget for the next fiscal year but have already committed to not raising property taxes.

Chairman Tommy Stalnaker said at the end of Tuesday’s meeting that the proposed budget will be ready for public viewing at the board office on Wednesday. He said it is about $2.2 million in the red but will be balanced before final approval.

The new fiscal year begins July 1.

Stalnaker said the board is committed to keeping the millage rate the same, therefore the budget will have to be balanced by cutting some spending requests.

“We will maintain the millage rate at the current level,” he said, drawing voices of support from the other commissioners. “It will not be raised to make this deficit up.”

The board members were presented with the proposed budget at the end of the meeting.

Stalnaker said department heads were good about keeping their budget requests the same as last year, therefore figuring out what to cut won’t be easy.

“When you start trying to find $2.2 million in something that’s pretty lean to begin with, it’s not as easy as you think it could be,” he said.

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