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jkovac@macon.comMay 17, 2014 

It was about 3 o’clock in the morning April 15 when a man showed up at his mother’s house drunk and, according to an incident report, “uttering his frustrations.” His mother said he was upset about his car tearing up and his grandfather dying. The son, 29, punched his mom’s china cabinet, smashing its glass. Then he left the house. A Bibb County sheriff’s deputy caught up with him before long and took him back to his mother’s place on Cedar Avenue, west of Pio Nono Avenue in Macon’s Unionville neighborhood. The son, who had blood on his hand and shirt, declined medical help. Charged with trespassing, he was taken to jail.

Later that day, Bibb deputies were dispatched to a domestic dispute on Mikado Avenue, which runs between Broadway and Houston Avenue. A mother who lives there said her two teenage sons had been fighting over a video game. While a deputy was talking to the 16-year-old son, the other boy, 17, got up to leave. When the deputy told the older brother to stay put, the boy flung a drink can against a porch rail. The deputy marched him to the back of his squad car. After the deputies spoke to the boy’s mother, they cited the 17-year-old for disorderly conduct.

A woman on Log Cabin Drive called the law April 16 because she said a neighbor was threatening her. When a deputy arrived, the caller told him the neighbor had warned her to “stop messing with my damn dog. If you keep bothering him I’m going to bring my dog over there to get your (expletive).” The deputy then spoke to the neighbor, a 56-year-old woman, who said she never cussed or threatened to sic the dog on anyone. Then the deputy talked to a child there. The child told him that the neighbor had, in fact, said “damn.” The child, though, didn’t hear any threats. Two other children, however, said the neighbor had threatened to “bring the dog over the fence,” an incident report said. The deputy cited the 56-year-old “for the use of ‘damn’ in front of children,” his incident report said.

A man in a Ford Mustang pulled into the State Bank parking lot about 9 a.m. on April 28 and exposed himself to a woman. The woman later told a Bibb deputy that the man said something to her. When she looked his way, she saw that he was sitting in the car, naked from the waist down, the deputy’s report said. The man drove away. ... Someone made off with seven shrubs after digging them up at Wilshire Woods Apartments on Rocky Creek Road. A write-up of the April 28 theft said the plants cost an estimated $500. The incident report didn’t say what kind of bushes they were but described them as “green.”

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