ERICKSON: The homefront

May 16, 2014 

Calder Pinkston staked his reputation on the consolidation of Macon and Bibb County. A lawyer and long-time political strategist for local politicians, Pinkston helped build the intellectual and financial case for consolidation.

Many did not believe him. But we are now starting to see that those who opposed consolidation were wrong and folks like Pinkston were right. And not just Pinkston, but Reps. Allen Peake and Nikki Randall, state Sen. Miriam Paris and others who were viciously attacked for supporting consolidation.

With Mayor Reichert’s new budgetary proposal we are going to see the double taxation of many of the poorest in the county go away. There will be increases in some fees, but overall residents in Macon will see savings. When Commissioner Lonzy Edwards chose not to contest a seat in the consolidated government, he described the new government as a house of cards that would collapse.

Turns out E Pluribus Unum works for us locally. From many have come a stronger one. Macon and Bibb County are working toward a sustainable and cheaper future. Augusta, Columbus, Athens-Clarke County and other state subdivisions could learn from us for a change. We are in uncharted territory and that is a good thing. For that we should give a tip of the hat to guys like Pinkston and officials willing to lose to do the right thing like Paris, Randall and Peake. We should also be rooting for Paris in her state Senate contest.

There are those we should reward for doing the right thing. As troubling news surfaced about our school board, a lot of people preferred not to make eye contact with the problems. Daryl Morton, however, began pushing for an audit and investigation. He was one of the clearest voices and was also wholly untainted by the situation.

Morton is now running for the Bibb County school board. I have voted for him. He has shown on more than one occasion a willingness to ruffle feathers to do the right thing. He got tossed from his position with the local Democratic Party for his insistence on doing the right thing. He and I do not always see eye to eye on issues. But I know when Daryl looks at the issues he is looking to do the right thing, not advance his career. We need people like that in public office. So I hope you will join me in voting for him.

Likewise, I am supporting Sam Hart for Macon Water Authority chairman and Dwight Jones for District 3 on the Water Authority. I know both men will do the right thing and have the business acumen to move us forward with more and more challenges on the horizon.

Finally, let me move on from local politics to local business.

My wife and I are both cooks. We like to cook. We like to have our friends over. Our Easter tradition has been to have all our friends who do not have family in the area over or those who just want to come join us. We do all the cooking.

With the closure of Everyday Gourmet, Macon has been without a first class cooking store. That has finally changed. I went downtown yesterday to Robinson Home. It is on First Street across from the consolidated government building.

Wow. Finally I do not have to drive to Atlanta for quality kitchen and grill ware. This place is top notch. They even offer cooking classes. I hope Telegraph readers will support Robinson Home just as so many of us did Everyday Gourmet. We need shops like this.

Erick Erickson is a Fox News contributor and radio talk show host in Atlanta.

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