Roberta ‘swearin’ match’ plays out in Crawford courtroom

lfabian@macon.comMay 13, 2014 

ROBERTA -- Crawford County’s chief magistrate is pondering a classic case of “he said, she said” littered with profanity last month at Roberta City Hall.

Judge Richard Spencer heard an earful of cussing Tuesday morning in what one of the attorneys described as an “old-fashioned swearin’ match” on April 11.

The incident ended with former City Councilman Wincel Thaxton bleeding in the thorny rose bushes outside the door and Clerk Vicki Grant’s face and neck smarting and her eyeglasses scratched.

Grant and her attorney were in court seeking a simple battery charge against Thaxton, who was recovering from heart surgery at the time.

His attorney, Floyd Buford made sure the judge knew Thaxton is not interested in seeking similar action against Grant, whom Thaxton referred to as a friend.

Thaxton denies hitting Grant, who admits to using profanity that intensified the confrontation.

“I don’t want to hear that s---,” Grant told Thaxton, who had come to City Hall to complain about a city worker’s performance.

Thaxton, who frequently visits City Hall, where his wife works, admits using a vulgar hand gesture and telling Grant to “sit on that.”

She answered by telling him, “Kiss my a--, you b------!”

Grant says Thaxton came back into her office and “got in her face.”

When she went to go lock the back door, he came after her, grabbed her by the throat and she pushed back, Grant said.

“I mean it scared me,” Grant said on the witness stand. “It scared the daylights out of me.”

He slapped her face with his open hand, she said, sending her glasses flying.

Thaxton says Grant struck him first, bloodying his lip.

Thaxton said it happened like this: “You ain’t talking to me like that,” he recalled in his testimony. “And before I got all that out, ‘Pow!’ She hit me with her left hand. ‘Bam!’ Right there,” he said pointing to the left side of his lips.

Thaxton said he put his hand to her throat to push her out of the way.

“I have never, ever slapped a woman,” Thaxton testified.

Grant said he had followed her down the hall and she ultimately kicked him over into the flower bed to get him away from her.

There were no witnesses to the fight between the two, but a police officer testified he heard the commotion while in the restroom.

Officer Wesley Griffis came out to find Thaxton in the roses and called for an ambulance at the 64-year-old’s request.

Grant did not go to the doctor, but woke up with her neck hurting the next day, she said.

Spencer listened for about an hour before deciding to take the case under advisement before issuing a ruling about the warrant at a later date.

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