Trivia time keeps on keeping on

May 11, 2014 

Final exams have been wrapping up at colleges and universities for the past few weeks.

However, there is no final exam for Monday Morning Trivia. You have been sentenced to take a test every two weeks for the rest of your life.

1. Viola Ross Napier, of Macon, was the first woman in Georgia to be sworn in as a legislator in 1923. She sponsored a bill to change the method of capital punishment from hanging to what form?

(A) Lethal injection. (B) Electrocution. (C) Firing squad. (D) Watching the Atlanta Braves hit with runners in scoring position.

2. After golfer Bubba Watson won the Masters golf tournament at Augusta last month, where did he have his celebratory dinner with family and friends?

(A) Green Jacket restaurant. (B) Chateau Elan. (C) Grits Carlton. (D) Waffle House.

3. Georgia’s largest settlement of Mennonites is in Macon County. Where was the first Mennonite (Amish) settlement established in the state in 1912?

(A) Dodge County. (B) Pulaski County. (C) Lamar County. (D) Dooly County.

4. Indian Springs, near Flovilla and Jackson, is the oldest state park in the nation, and its natural spring waters are noted for what?

(A) Warm temperatures. (B) Minty flavor. (C) Medicinal qualities. (D) Fluoride.

5. Which type of wildlife is NOT found in Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge near Macon?

(A) Alligators. (B) Black bears. (C) Bald eagle. (D) Duckbill platypus.

6. Macon-born actor Sam Edwards had his most noted role as the banker in the TV series “Little House on the Prairie.” He also was the voice of which Disney cartoon character?

(A) Thumper in “Bambi.” (B) Captain Hook in “Peter Pan.” (C) Pongo in “One Hundred and One Dalmatians.” (D) Dopey in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

7. Telegraph writer Liz Fabian once worked for which national cable network?

(A) ESPN. (B) Home & Garden Television. (C) The Weather Channel. (D) Nickelodeon.

8. The community of Gresston, in Dodge County, is named after George V. Gress, of Atlanta. Which of the following did Gress NOT do in his lifetime?

(A) Donated more than 80 animals to start Zoo Atlanta. (B) Was the first steamboat captain on the Altamaha River. (C) Purchased the famous “Battle of Atlanta” painting for the Cyclorama at Grant Park. (D) Established one of the largest sawmills in the South.

9. Macon’s Grand Opera House was used primarily as a movie house from 1936 to 1965. What was the last movie shown there (1965) when it was known as the Grand Theater?

(A) “Dr. Zhivago.” (B) “Beach Blanket Bingo.” (C) “The Sound of Music.” (D) “That Darn Cat.”

10. Which of the following state capitals does NOT have a town in Georgia that goes by the same name?

(A) Albany, N.Y. (B) Nashville, Tenn. (C) Boston, Mass. (D) Salt Lake City, Utah.

ANSWERS: (1) B. (2) D. (3) B. (4) C. (5) D. (6) A. (7) C. (8) B. (9) C. (10.) D.

REPORT CARD: (9-10) Magna cum laude. (7-8) Summa cum laude. (5-6) Praise the laude. (3-4) Grading on a curve. (0-2) Academic probation.

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