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jkovac@macon.comMay 10, 2014 

A Florida Avenue resident called 911 to report a suspicious person sitting on a curb there. It was after 5 p.m. on April 13 when a Bibb County deputy pulled up and saw the person. The suspicious guy, 48, said he was waiting on his boss to work on a house. The resident who reported the guy had been keeping an eye on a neighbor’s house and noticed that a back window was open at the house. Outside, near the window, was a trash can with a shoe print on its lid. The shoe print appeared to match the bottom of the 48-year-old man’s shoes, according to the deputy’s report. The deputy asked him if he had opened the window or stood on the trash can. The guy said no. Told that his shoe looked like it matched a print left on the can, the 48-year-old said he had stood on the can to inspect some wood trim. Then he changed his story, according to the report, saying he was embarrassed but that he had stood on the can to defecate “because he had the squirts.” The man told the deputy to check the trash can. The deputy looked, but the can was empty. In the end, the man wasn’t charged with breaking in, but the deputy did find out he had given a fake name. A check of his real name turned up a warrant for failing to appear in court, so he was taken to jail for that.

A woman wanted her cellphone back, but her 18-year-old son wouldn’t hand it over. When the woman, 44, who lives on Faubus Avenue near Log Cabin Drive in west Macon, took the phone, her son got mad. According to a Bibb deputy’s report of the April 15 incident, the son “became angry and enraged.” He began hitting walls and tussling with his 19-year-old brother. Then the 18-year-old flung soapy water in his brother’s face. The younger teen was jailed on a disorderly conduct charge.

Shortly after 6 a.m. on April 12, an “unruly” man allegedly tried to steal two 24-packs of Bud Light from a Macon convenience store. A clerk stopped him and took away the beer. The man, 34, then grabbed a 24-ounce can of Bud Light from a cooler and popped it open. He was drinking it when a Bibb deputy arrived at the Citgo mart in the 1800 block of Pio Nono Avenue. The deputy threw away the beer and was about to put the man in his squad car for a trip to jail when the man tried to head-butt and kick the deputy. “I will kick your (expletives), you punk,” the man reportedly said. The deputy then heaved the man into the patrol car. On the way to jail, according to the deputy’s write-up, the man said, “The next time I see you I’m going to shoot (you). ... Take these cuffs off ... I’m going to beat you until you stop breathing.” In a holding cell at the county lockup, the man ranted on, threatening the deputy, saying, “I’m going to kill you, your children, and your grandchildren.” The man was charged with shoplifting, obstruction and making terroristic threats.

Stray livestock have been wandering into her yard for ages. A woman who lives on Cathy Drive, not far from U.S. 80 in east Bibb, reported that a few days before Easter a black bull and another cow came calling. The woman tried to shoo them by tossing a small rock their way, but they stood firm. Her German shepherd, Chloe, charged the bull, which kicked the dog. “She bounced right back up, though,” the woman, 62, told The Cop Shop. The woman said she has long had trouble with cows wandering into her yard from neighboring farms. “I’ve been to court three times,” she said. After their recent appearance, the cows eventually wandered away. “But now I’ve got their poop all over my yard,” the woman said, “and I’m getting ready to have an Easter egg hunt.”

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