Erik Estrada coming to Middle Georgia churches

lfabian@macon.comMay 9, 2014 

Erik Estrada straddles a motorcycle during filming of “Virtuous” in Georgia. The actor returns this weekend to debut the Christian film at local churches.

JESSICA LYNN — Special to The Telegraph

The actor who rode to fame as a motorcycle patrolman in “CHiPs” is now blazing a trail for God.

Erik Estrada is coming to Middle Georgia to promote his new movie, “Virtuous,” a Christian film based on Proverbs 31.

Estrada will be at Grace Baptist Church in Eastman at 6 p.m. Sunday and at Rhine Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, said Kayla Williams, who is an extra in the movie that premieres this weekend at Rock Springs Church in Milner, where some of the scenes were filmed.

“It’s not very often Erik Estrada comes to such a small town,” said Williams, who is originally from Rhine.

Estrada is also expected Monday at Hazelhurst Church of God for a 6:30 p.m. screening of another Christian film, “Uncommon.”

“Virtuous” will also be shown at 7 p.m. Monday at the Milan Church of God.

Williams’ Griffin home was used for filming scenes for “Virtuous” and a portion of the movie was also shot in a Macon rock quarry, she said.

The movie explores challenges women face in today’s society including alcoholism, divorce and infidelity.

Iraq war veteran and POW Jessica Lynch also appears in the film.

“I see the impact it can have on families,” said Williams, who has been promoting the event.

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