ERICKSON: No good reason

May 9, 2014 

Having gotten a lot of questions about the race, I am voting for Nancy Jester for State School Superintendent. Ashley Bell would also be a good choice. Both have impressive resumes and want to stop the Common Core experiment polluting our schools.

Additionally, I am voting for John Kennedy for the state Senate. His district covers parts of Bibb, Monroe, Houston, Crawford, Peach and Upson counties. He is a good man, good friend and will make a great state senator.

Unfortunately, if you listen to the advertisements of his opponent, Spencer Price, you would be hard pressed to find anything to like about Kennedy. In fact, Price’s entire campaign seems premised on opposing Kennedy instead of giving voters a reason to vote for Price. His advertisements play up that he is a doctor and that Kennedy is a lawyer. He suggests Kennedy has ulterior motives for running and a secret group of backers pushing him. Most of Price’s persuasion for himself is really attacking Kennedy and calling into question Kennedy’s character.

I think I know why Price is doing this.

It has not gone unnoticed that many of the local medical associations have chosen to back the lawyer, Kennedy, over one of their own. In other words, doctors in Middle Georgia are choosing to oppose a doctor running for the state Senate.

Perhaps it has something to do with the tens of thousands of dollars in liens filed against Price by the IRS. He finally satisfied the liens, but it took him long enough. Price has a very sad story. His child struggled for life and did not make it. Price attributes much of his financial difficulties, lawsuits and liens to that struggle -- a terrible burden for any family.

In part, perhaps the tax liens were related to that tragedy. But court documents related to the liens note that Georgia, along with the IRS, filed liens against Price. The liens stem from Price’s failure to pay payroll taxes for his business.

Likewise, The Medical Center of Central Georgia sued Price for breach of contract. It seems the Medical Center helped Price set up a medical practice in Butler. Price went to Iraq for 90 days of service in the military, then returned and chose to abandon his contract with the Medical Center. They obtained a judgment against him and ultimately had to go back to court again against Price.

Price was also sued by a friend over an investment scheme of sorts. The friend claimed Price committed fraud in the investment. Price settled the case.

Most humorously, Price himself sued anonymous people for creating a dating profile on that purported to be Price. The case, though filed, has never been aggressively pursued by Price. It is just so odd.

Perhaps these are the reasons Price has made his campaign about Kennedy. It seems there is just no good reason to vote for Price. For all his attacks on Kennedy being a lawyer, Price has spent a great deal of time in court being sued by others for his business dealings.

I would prefer to simply vote for my friend Kennedy. John went to court to save a widow’s home from foreclosure. Courts around the state have trusted John to serve as a guardian for people and a receiver for businesses. There are great reasons to vote for John. But I have plenty of reasons now to not just vote for John, but against Price.

Erick Erickson is a Fox News contributor and radio talk show host in Atlanta.

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