Places of worship

May 4, 2014 

Places of worship

Middle Georgia is home to a wide variety of churches, temples and gatherings of many denominations and a diverse range of faiths. Large and small, these congregations offer an abundant choice of faith expressions and play a vital role in the lives of the individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities they represent.

Here is contact information for just a sampling of them.


African Methodist Episcopal (AME)

Gray Chapel AME: 635 Hall St., Macon, 478-742-8180

Greater Allen Chapel AME: 269 Pursley St., Macon, 478-745-4646

St. James AME Church: 4416 Bloomfield Road, Macon, 478-788-5690

St. Paul AME: 2501 Shurling Drive, Macon, 478-745-0507,

Assembly of God

Christ Chapel Sports Town: 170 Starcadia Circle, Macon, 478-475-9818,

First Assembly of God: 1534 Tucker Road, Macon, 478-474-8727,

Parkway Assembly of God: 5191 Eisenhower Parkway, Macon, 478-477-5678,

Victory Christian Center: 210 Bass Road, Macon, 478-474-9043,


Avondale Baptist Church: 6970 Cochran Field Road, Macon, 478-788-2336,

Bethel Baptist Church: 7495 Knoxville Road, Lizella, 478-935-2589

Beulahland Bible Church: 1010 Newberg Ave., Macon, 478-784-1555,

Center Hill Baptist Church: 1562 Cedar Ave., Macon, 478-746-5008,

Central Fellowship Baptist Church: 8460 Hawkinsville Road, Macon, 478-781-2981,

Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church: 777 Elm St., Macon, 478-742-0575,

First Baptist Church of Christ: 511 High Place, Macon, 478-742-6485,

First Baptist Church: 595 New St., Macon, 478-745-8368,

Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church: 2656 Napier Ave., Macon, 478-746-2389

Hazzard Missionary Baptist Church: 2470 Heath Road, Macon, 478-477-0355

Highland Hills Baptist Church: 1370 Briarcliff Road, Macon, 478-746-4846,

Ingleside Baptist Church: 834 Wimbish Road, Macon, 478-477-7251,

Korean Baptist Church of Macon: 4521 Chapel Hill Drive, Macon, 478-781-5755,

Lizella Baptist Church: 2950 S. Lizella Road, Lizella, 478-935-8632,

Lundy Chapel Missionary Baptist Church: 2081 Forest Hill Road, Macon, 478-474-3400,

Mabel White Memorial Baptist Church: 1415 Bass Road, Macon, 478-474-7450,

Mikado Baptist Church: 6751 Houston Road, Macon, 478-781-2324,

Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church: 2789 Millerfield Road, Macon, 478-745-1890

Progressive Missionary Baptist Church: 2290 Second St., Macon, 478-743-4117,

St. Luke Baptist Church: 1180 Haywood Road, Macon, 478-746-1451

St. Peter’s Baptist Church: 1361 Fort Hill St., Macon, 478-750-0921

Union Baptist Church: 990 Taylor St., Macon, 478-743-5752,

Vineville Baptist Church: 2591 Vineville Ave., Macon, 478-743-9366,

White Springs Baptist Church: 8625 Old Knoxville Road, Lizella, 478-935-2784


Holy Spirit Catholic Church: 4074 Chambers Road, Macon, 478-788-6386,

St. Joseph Catholic Church: 830 Poplar St., Macon, 478-745-1631,

St. Peter Claver Catholic Church: 131 Ward St., Macon, 478-743-1454,

Church of Christ

Church of Christ at East Macon: 3320 Jeffersonville Road, Macon, 478-743-1402

Forest Hills Church of Christ: 800 Forest Hill Road, Macon, 478-474-2233

Hartley Bridge Road Church of Christ: 3465 Hartley Bridge Road, Macon, 478-784-0011

Church of God

Church of God: 699 Villa Crest Ave., Macon, 478-784-7600

Community Church of God: 283 Grant Ave., Macon, 478-742-4043,

Gateway Fellowship Church of God: 6531 Skipper Road, Macon, 478-788-4400,

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 1624 Williamson Road, Macon, 478-788-2811


Christ Episcopal Church: 582 Walnut St., Macon, 478-745-0427,

St. Francis Episcopal Church: 432 Forest Hill Road, Macon, 478-477-4616,

Greek Orthodox

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church: 859 First St., Macon, 478-745-0160,


Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Loyadham Macon: 222 Mercer Junction, Macon, 478-954-4931


Islamic Center: 2131 Vineville Ave., Macon, 478-254-5528

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall: 5215 Log Cabin Drive, Macon, 478-781-4360

Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall: 1005 Anthony Road, Macon, 478-788-8355


Congregation Sha’arey Israel: 611 First St., Macon, 478-745-4571,

Temple Beth Israel: 892 Cherry St., Macon, 478-745-6727,


Lutheran Church of The Holy Trinity LCMS: 1899 Tucker Road, Macon, 478-474-8393,

Lutheran Church of The Redeemer ELCA: 390 Pierce Ave., Macon, 478-742-4281,


Centenary Church: 1290 College St., Macon, 478-742-8955,

Riverside United Methodist Church: 735 Pierce Ave., Macon, 478-238-0785,

Bass United Methodist Church: 4062 Vineville Ave., Macon, 478-474-0211,

Doles United Methodist Church: 6258 Thomaston Road, Macon, 478-477-6097,

Forest Hills United Methodist Church: 1217 Forest Hill Road, Macon, 478-477-1161


Shurlington Church of the Nazarene: 2160 Shurling Drive, Macon, 478-745-9932,

Trinity Church: 4192 Hartley Bridge Road, Macon, 478-781-1818


Church of The Harvest: 5170 Bloomfield Road, Macon, 478-788-7797,

Covenant Life Cathedral Church: 4543 Bloomfield Road, Macon, 478-781-2273,

Harvest Cathedral: 2254 Rocky Creek Road, Macon, 478-781-7157,

High Point Church: 2963 Hollis Road, Macon, 478-788-0383,

Living Waters Fellowship: 6120 Thomaston Road, Macon, 478-477-9419,

Rose of Sharon Church: 6291 Rogers Road, Lizella, 478-784-1919,

Three Oaks Bible Chapel: 3350 Avondale Mill Road, Macon, 478-788-4894

United Community Church: 2411 Heath Road, Macon, 478-475-5012

Pentecostal Holiness Church

Life Center Church: 3944 Sardis Church Road, Macon, 478-788-3621,


First Presbyterian Church: 682 Mulberry St., Macon, 478-746-3223,

Korean Presbyterian Church of Macon: 1522 Anthony Road, Macon, 478-781-0008

North Macon Presbyterian Church: 5707 Rivoli Drive, Macon, 478-477-7777,

Northminster Presbyterian Church: 565 Wimbish Road, Macon, 478-477-6646,

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church USA: 501 Bass Road, Macon, 478-474-4465,

Strong Tower Fellowship: 2193 Vineville Ave., Macon, 478-742-7379,

Washington Avenue Presbyterian Church: 939 Washington Ave., Macon, 478-743-3345

Unitarian Universalist

High Street Church: 1085 High St., Macon, 478-741-1714,


African Methodist Episcopal (AME)

Adams-Smith Tabernacle AME: 304 Green St., Warner Robins, 478-329-1885

Belvin AME Church: 350 Ga. 224, Perry, 478-988-0225

Perry Chapel AME: 1217B WF Ragin Drive, Perry, 478-224-7616

Assembly of God

Berean Assembly of God Church: 401 Wilson Drive, Centerville, 478-953-3938

Christ Chapel Warner Robins: 2288 Moody Road, Warner Robins, 478-922-0161,

The Assembly at Warner Robins: 6040 Watson Blvd., Warner Robins, 478-953-0320,

The Refuge Church: 100 Todd Road, Perry, 478-987-5800,


Bible Baptist Temple: 2601 Watson Blvd., Warner Robins, 478-922-1201,

Calvary Baptist Church: 351 Ga. 96, Bonaire, 478-929-1823,

Central Baptist Church: 1120 Lake Joy Road, Warner Robins, 478-953-9319,

Crosspoint Baptist Church: 645 Perry Parkway, Perry, 478-987-1116,

Fellowship Bible Baptist Church: 431 Dunbar Road, Warner Robins, 478-922-2464,

First Baptist Church of Warner Robins: 1135 Watson Blvd., Warner Robins, 478-922-8148,

First Baptist Church of Centerville: 108 Church St., Centerville, 478-953-3387,

First Baptist Church Garmon Street: 210 Garmon St., Warner Robins, 478-923-2279,

First Baptist Church of Perry: 1105 Main St., Perry, 478-218-5855,

First Free Will Baptist Church: 316 Phillips St., Warner Robins, 478-922-0544

Grace Baptist Church: 204 S. Pleasant Hill Road, Warner Robins, 478-923-5489,

Greater Springfield Missionary Baptist Church: 1195 Heflund Ave., Warner Robins, 478-923-5721,

Greater Union Baptist Church: 1006 Marion St., Perry, 478-987-0054

Haynesville Baptist Church: 344 Pitts Road, Haynesville, 478-988-0881,

Henderson Baptist Church: 2813 U.S. 41, Elko, 478-987-6569

New Hope Baptist Church: 1300 Washington St., Perry, 478-987-0501,

Sandy Valley Baptist Church: 1124 S. Houston Lake Road, Warner Robins, 478-953-9637,

Second Baptist Church: 2504 Moody Road, Warner Robins, 478-923-7101,

Shirley Hills Baptist Church: 615 Corder Road, Warner Robins, 478-923-5571,

Southside Baptist Church: 1040 S. Houston Lake Road, Warner Robins, 478-953-9388,

Union Grove Missionary: 809 S. Davis Drive, Warner Robins, 478-922-5514,

Unity Baptist Church: 479 Ga. 96, Bonaire, 478-922-0063,


Sacred Heart Catholic Church: 250 S. Davis Drive, Warner Robins, 478-923-0124,

St. Patrick Catholic Church: 2410 Ga. 127, Kathleen, 478-987-4213,

Church of Christ

Bonaire Church of Christ: 459 Ga. 247, Bonaire, 478-929-1245

Church of Christ: 1947 Watson Blvd., Warner Robins, 478-922-3056,

Perry Church of Christ: U.S. 41, Perry, 478-987-4268

Westside Church of Christ: 158 Willow Ave., Warner Robins, 478-923-6755

Church of God

A New Beginning Church of God: 425 S. Houston Road, Warner Robins, 478-225-2248

Abundant Life Church of God By Faith: 503 S. Pleasant Hill Road, Warner Robins, 478-225-2335,

River of Light: 1304 Corder Road, Warner Robins, 478-293-1544,

Word of Deliverance: 2234 U.S. 41, Perry, 478-987-4796

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 1799 Houston Lake Road, Perry, 478-987-0030

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 200 Draper St., Warner Robins, 478-923-7808


St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church: 1207 Macon Road, Perry, 478-987-2190,

All Saints’ Episcopal Church: 1708 Watson Blvd., Warner Robins, 478-923-1791,


Islamic Center: 2501 Elberta Road, Centerville, 478-922-4223

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses: 1301 Julianne St., Perry, 478-987-7341

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses: 2821 Moody Road, Bonaire, 478-329-8240


Christ Lutheran Church: 733 Carroll St., Perry, 478-987-6016,

Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church ELCA: 301 N. Pleasant Hill Road, Warner Robins, 478-923-2239,

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church: 336 Carl Vinson Parkway, Warner Robins, 478-922-1418,


Andrew United Methodist Church: 2430 Ga. 127, Kathleen, 478-987-7934,

Bonaire United Methodist Church: 144 Elm St., Bonaire, 478-923-7317,

Centerville United Methodist Church: 101 Wilson Drive, Centerville, 478-953-3090

Christ United Methodist Church: 511 Russell Parkway, Warner Robins, 478-922-0211,

Crossroads United Methodist Church: 1600 Main St., Perry, 478-987-3721,

First United Methodist Church: 205 N. Davis Drive, Warner Robins, 478-923-3737,

Trinity United Methodist Church: 129 S. Houston Road, Warner Robins, 478-923-5066,


Christian Fellowship Church: 621 Walnut St., Warner Robins, 478-975-0808,

End Time Harvest Church: 114 Bell Drive, Warner Robins, 478-922-7910,

Grace Fellowship Church: 105 Westcliff Center St., Warner Robins, 478-922-4919,

Harvest Builders Center: 308 N. Davis Drive, Warner Robins, 478-328-1153,

Open Door Church: 2007 Elberta Road, Warner Robins, 478-929-3073


Covenant Presbyterian Church: 1631 Green St., Warner Robins, 478-929-4770

First Presbyterian Church: 1139 Watson Blvd., Warner Robins, 478-923-8856, www.first

Houston Lake Presbyterian Church: 101 Brian Drive, Warner Robins, 478-987-7503,

Perry Presbyterian Church: 1111 Second St., Perry, 478-987-1403,

Westminster Presbyterian Church: 303 Mary Lane, Warner Robins, 478-922-2782


African Methodist Episcopal (AME)

Allen Chapel AME Church: 9830 Miami Valley Road, Fort Valley, 478-825-7090

Allen Temple AME Church: 1235 Jones Road, Byron, 478-956-1235

Gordon Chapel AME Church: 497 Gordon Chapel Church Road, Fort Valley, 478-825-7050

St. Peter AME Church: 502 State University Drive, Fort Valley, 478-825-8452


Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church: 2815 U.S. 41, Fort Valley, 478-953-3844,

Assembly of God

First Assembly of God: 881 Taylors Mill Road, Fort Valley, 478-825-5910


Byron Baptist Church: 100 White Road, Byron, 478-956-2337,

Chamlee Memorial Baptist Church: 1502 Knoxville St., Fort Valley, 478-825-2279

Fort Valley First Baptist Church: 209 S. Miller St., Fort Valley, 478-825-0159,

Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church: 3200 U.S. 41, Byron, 478-953-0224,

Shady Grove Baptist Church: 3642 U.S. 41, Byron, 478-953-9518,

Shiloh Baptist Church: 1101 E. Church St., Fort Valley, 478-825-7581


St. Juliana Catholic Church: 804 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Fort Valley, 478-825-7127

Church of Christ

Byron Church of Christ: Ga. 42, Byron, 478-956-3980

Fort Valley Church of Christ: 1641 Peach Parkway, Fort Valley, 478-827-1823


St. Luke’s Episcopal Church: 1000 State University Drive, Fort Valley, 478-825-5975

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall: Atlanta Road, Fort Valley, 478-825-0043

Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall: 721 Ga. 42, Byron, 478-956-6659


Byron United Methodist Church: 103 W. Heritage Blvd., Byron, 478-956-5717,

Fort Valley United Methodist Church: 301 W. Church St., Fort Valley, 478-825-2762,


Calvary Chapel Heartland: 11029 Miami Valley Road, Fort Valley, 478-827-1902,

Church of Jesus Christ: 307 Carver Drive, Fort Valley, 478-825-9010


Fort Valley Presbyterian Church: 207 Central Ave., Fort Valley, 478-825-2222


African Methodist Episcopal (AME)

Flipper Chapel AME Church: 136 Wolverine St., Milledgeville, 478-453-7777

Wesley Chapel AME Church: 425 Bell Ave., Milledgeville, 478-452-5083


Antioch Primitive Baptist Church: 512 Old Monticello Road, Milledgeville, 478-968-0011

Baptist Collegiate Ministries: 216 N. Clark St., Milledgeville, 478-452-2512,

Black Springs Baptist Church: 673 Sparta Highway, Milledgeville, 478-453-9431,

Community Baptist Church: 143 Log Cabin Road, Milledgeville, 478-453-2380,

Covenant Baptist Church: 264 Ivey Drive, Milledgeville, 478-453-1019

Emmanuel Baptist Church: 384 Gordon Highway, Milledgeville, 478-453-4225,

First Baptist Church: 330 S. Liberty St., Milledgeville, 478-452-0502,

Flagg Chappel Baptist Church: 400 W. Franklin St., Milledgeville, 478-452-7287

Grace Baptist Church: 112 Alexander Drive Extension SW, Milledgeville, 478-453-9713,

Green Pasture Baptist Church: 150 N Warren St., Milledgeville, 478-453-8713

Hardwick Baptist Church: 124 Thomas St., Hardwick, 478-452-1612,

Lakeside Baptist Church: 1023 Milledgeville Highway, Milledgeville, 706-485-0835,

Mosleyville Baptist Church: 106 Oak Drive, Milledgeville, 478-452-1723

Northside Baptist Church: 1001 N. Jefferson St., Milledgeville, 478-452-6648,

Oak Grove Baptist Church: 508 Ga. 49 W., Milledgeville, 478-453-3326

Rock Mill Baptist Church: 2770 N. Columbia St., Milledgeville, 478-451-5084

Rock of Ages Baptist Church: 601 W. Montgomery St., Milledgeville, 478-453-8693

Sinclair Baptist Church: 102 Airport Road, Milledgeville, 478-452-4242

St. Paul Baptist Church: 485 Meriwether Road, Milledgeville, 478-968-5855

Vaughn Chapel Baptist Church: 1980 N. Jefferson St., Milledgeville, 478-453-8976

Victory Baptist Church: 640 Meriwether Road, Milledgeville, 478-452-2285

Westview Baptist Church: 273 Ga. 49 West, Milledgeville, 478-452-9140


Sacred Heart Catholic Church: 110 N Jefferson St., Milledgeville, 478-452-2421

Church of Christ

Baldwin Church of Christ: 57 Marshall Road, Milledgeville, 478-452-5440,

New Beginnings Church of Christ: 325 Ga. 49 West, Milledgeville, 478-454-5489

Church of God

New Life Ministries: 385 Log Cabin Road, Milledgeville, 478-452-2052,

Church of God in Christ

New Vision Church of God in Christ: 941 Dunlap Road, Milledgeville, 478-414-1123

Zion Church of God in Christ: 271 E. Camden St., Milledgeville, 478-453-7144

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: 1700 N. Jefferson St., Milledgeville, 478-452-9588

Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME)

Mount Hope Christian Methodist Episcopal Church: 453 Ga. 49 West, Milledgeville, 478-452-8744


St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church: 220 S. Wayne St., Milledgeville, 478-452-2710

Foursquare Church

New Life Foursquare Church: 112 Jacqueline Terrace, Milledgeville, 478-452-1721

Holiness Church

Old Bethel Holiness Church: 866 Stembridge Road, Milledgeville, 478-451-2845

Jehovah’s Witness

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness: 2701 Irwinton Road, Milledgeville, 478-452-7854

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses: 110 Oconner Drive, Milledgeville, 478-452-8887


Hope Lutheran Church: 214 Ga. 49 West, Milledgeville, 478-452-3696


Bethel United Methodist Church: 837 Ga. 212 NW, Milledgeville, 478-968-5413,

Hardwick United Methodist Church: 195 Hardwick St., Milledgeville, 478-452-1513

Hopewell United Methodist Church: 188 Hopewell Church Road, Milledgeville, 478-453-9047

Milledgeville First United Methodist Church: 366 Log Cabin Road, Milledgeville, 478-452-4597,

Mont Pelier United Methodist: 449 Sparta Highway, Milledgeville, 478-453-0040

Wesley Foundation House: 211 S. Clark St., Milledgeville, 478-452-9112


Bible Revival Church: 101 Deerwood Drive, Milledgeville, 478-452-4347

Discipleship Christian Center: 1936 Irwinton Road, Milledgeville, 478-452-7755

Freedom Church: 500 Underwood Road, Milledgeville, 478-452-7694,

Freewill Fellowship: 115 Cook St., Milledgeville, 478-414-2063

Living Word of God Church: 151 W. Charlton St., Milledgeville, 478-452-7151

Northridge Christian Church: 321 Log Cabin Road, Milledgeville, 478-452-1125, www.


Covenant Presbyterian Church: 440 N Columbia St., Milledgeville, 478-453-9628,

First Presbyterian Church: 210 S. Wayne St., Milledgeville, 478-452-9394,



Bethel Baptist Church: 6787 Hopewell Road, Roberta, 478-836-4313

Macedonia Baptist Church: 271 Davenport Drive, Roberta, 478-836-5890

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church: 242 Hortman Road, 478-836-2787

Musella Baptist Church: 5430 U.S. 341, Roberta, 478-836-2936

New Lebanon Baptist Church: 2070 Hopewell Road, Musella, 478-836-4513

Olive Grove Baptist Church: 3181 Olive Grove Church Road, Roberta, 478-836-4785

Zenith Road Baptist Church: 4744 Zenith Mill Road, Roberta, 478-836-3778,

Church of Christ

Gillard Church of Christ: 2465 Zenith Mill Road, Roberta, 478-836-2380


Roberta United Methodist Church: 116 W. Agency St., Roberta, 478-836-4228


African Methodist Episcopal (AME)

Greater Jordan Chapel AME Church: 1415 Ga. 22, Haddock, 478-932-5070,

St. Paul AME Church Clinton: Lite N Tie Road, Gray, 478-986-9412

White Chapel AME Church: 2370 Old Ga. 11, Round Oak, 478-986-6978


Calvary Baptist Church: 4364 Upper River Road, Gray, 478-986-5780,

Elam Baptist Church: 203 Elam Church Road, Gray, 478-986-3794,

Ellis Chapel Baptist Church: Ellis Church Road, Haddock, 478-986-1299

First Baptist Church of Gray: 134 W. Clinton St., Gray, 478-986-3098,

Church of Christ

Gray Church of Christ: 260 James Road, Gray, 478-986-2518,

Church of God

Church of God Gray: Ga. 11, Gray, 478-986-4649


The Body of Christ Church: 4025 Gray Highway, Gray, 478-986-3447

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses: Eatonton Highway, Gray, 478-986-4161


Gray United Methodist Church: Washburn Street, Gray, 478-986-3438

Gray United Methodist Church: 117 S. Jefferson St., Gray, 478-986-3668


Wayside Presbyterian Church: 1467 Old Ga. 11, Gray, 478-986-4036


African Methodist Episcopal (AME)

St. Paul AME: 150 E. Redding Road, Juliette, 478-994-5978

St. Luke AME: 143 James St., Forsyth, 478-994-9626

St. Phillip’s AME: 36 Wood Valley Lane, Culloden, 478-885-2341

Assembly of God

The River’s Edge: 962 Juliette Road, Forsyth, 478-994-6262


Bethany Baptist Church: 365 Pea Ridge Road, Juliette, 478-974-0002

First Baptist Church: 95 W. Morse St., Forsyth, 478-994-5240,

Juliette Baptist Church: 12670 Ga. 87, Juliette, 478-992-8578

Maynard Baptist Church: 1195 Juliette Road, Forsyth, 478-994-2120,

New Pine Grove Baptist Church: 2455 Ga. 42, Forsyth, 478-994-1199

Rocky Creek Baptist Church: 225 Rocky Creek Road, Forsyth, 478-994-2509

Tessie Hall Baptist Church: 320 Boxankle Road, Forsyth, 478-994-1838

Church of Christ

Church of Christ at Forsyth: 2619 U.S. 41, Forsyth, 478-994-1281

Church of God

Family Life Church of God: 12643 Ga. 87, Juliette, 478-994-0704


Jackson Temple Holiness Church: 105 Old Post Road, Culloden, 478-885-2314

Oak Grove Holiness Church: 1786 Zellner Road, Forsyth, 478-994-2592


Christ United Methodist Church: 417 N. Frontage Road, Forsyth, 478-994-1232

Ebenezer United Methodist Church: 1681 Dames Ferry Road, Forsyth, 478-994-6133

Forsyth United Methodist Church: 68 W. Johnston St., Forsyth, 478-994-5706


Dayspring Presbyterian Church PCA: 1045 U.S. 41, Forsyth, 478-994-4503,

Forsyth Presbyterian Church USA: 63 N. Jackson St., Forsyth, 478-994-2942,

Zion Presbyterian Church: 7145 Ga. 87, Juliette, 478-757-1002


Assembly of God

Assembly of God: 103 Railroad St., Jeffersonville, 478-945-6221


Faulks Chapel Baptist Church: Ga. 96, Jeffersonville, 478-945-6794

First Baptist Church: 63 Church St., Jeffersonville, 478-945-3992

Greater New Hope Baptist Church: Ga. 129, Jeffersonville, 478-945-2157

Griffin Gift Baptist Church: 8424 Old Gordan Road, Dry Branch, 478-743-2372

Mt. Gilgal Baptist Church: 5199 Old Gordon Road, Dry Branch, 478-743-0052

Mt. Zion Baptist Church: 4013 Ga. 358, Danville, 478-962-0311,

Old Marion Baptist Church: 5593 Bullard Road, Jeffersonville, 478-945-2051

Walnut Creek Baptist Church: 6165 Ga. 358, Danville, 478-676-3023

Church of God

Jeffersonville Church of God: 801 U.S. 80, Jeffersonville, 478-945-3521

New Community Life Church of God: 842 U.S. 80, Dry Branch, 478-746-9790


Prospect United Methodist Church: 467 Old Prospect Church Road, Jeffersonville, 478-945-3423

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