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The TelegraphMay 2, 2014 

The Telegraph Editorial Board and our Citizens Advisory Board interviewed candidates for the May 20 Democratic and Republican primaries. Just click on the name to listen to the interviews. They are unedited. We are still in the process of interviewing candidates, so if you don't see a candidate's name, check back later. The interviews will be posted as they occur.

The Editorial Board:

Don Bailey-Publisher

Sherrie Marshall-Editor

Charles E. Richardson-Opinion Page Editor

Citizens Advisory Board

Charles Bass

Bob Berlin

Gigi Cabell

Bill Curry

Amy Elton

Mary Lou Ezell

Hill Kaplan

Philip Lengel

Leroy Mack

Giles O'Neal

Gene Strouss

Betty Toussaint



John Pennington

John Barge

Nathan Deal (Haven't interviewed)

State District 141

Allen Peake

Bradley Moriarty

State District 26

David Lucas

Miriam Paris

State District 143

James Beverly

Lonzy Edwards

State District 142

Nikki Randall

State Senate

John Kennedy

Spencer Price

Board of Education Post 7 (At Large)

James Bumpus

Daryl Morton

Board of Education Post 8 (At Large)

Wanda West

Darren Latch

Civil Court Judge

Emory Christian

William Randall

Water Authority Chairman

Sam Hart

Steve Rickman

David Cousino

Water Authority District 3

Dwight Jones

Alan Thiese

Ed Hatcher

Steve Skalko

Water Authority-District 1

Anissa Jones

Dorothy Black

U.S. Senate-Republican

Art Gardner

Derrick Grayson

Jack Kingston

Paul Broun (Haven't interviewed)

David Perdue

Karen Handel

Phil Gingrey

U.S. Senate-Democrat

Steen Miles

Branko Radulovacki

Michelle Nunn

Todd Robinson

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