Golden Eagle Winners

April 29, 2014 

The following is the list of winners and honorable mentions among Middle Georgia high school students at the Golden Eagle Awards Tuesday night:


Winner: Joseph Lofton, Central; Honorable Mention: Jack Gordon, Mount de Sales.


Winner: Elizabeth Smith, Central; Honorable Mention: John Clark, Stratford.


Winner: Carmen Foskey, Warner Robins; Honorable Mention: Kate Long, Mount de Sales.


Winner: Madeline Dannenberg, Perry; Honorable Mention: Kayla Kuhr, Mary Persons.

English Literature:

Winner: Chelsea Carr, Howard; Honorable Mention: Margaret Anne Rowe, Stratford.

Foreign Language:

Winner: Darby Mowell, Central; Honorable Mention: Abbie Nash, Stratford.

Industrial Vocational:

Winner: Olivia Ellgass, Warner Robins; Honorable Mention: Christopher McCarter, Rutland.


Winner: Desiree Little, Central; Honorable Mention: Mary Helen Douglas, First Presbyterian Day.


Winner: Naa Adorkor Allotey, Mount de Sales; Honorable Mention: Paul Young, First Presbyterian Day.


Winner: Hannah Deloach, Bleckley County; Honorable Mention: Baylee Culverhouse, Westfield.


Winner: Teva Ilan, Howard; Honorable Mention: Hunter Quintal, Stratford.


Winner: Jeremiah Smith, Howard; Honorable Mention: William Roddenberry, First Presbyterian Day.

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