McDaniel obsessed with Giddings, web history shows

Telegraph staffApril 27, 2014 

Stephen McDaniel in a photo made during his processing into prison.

About two months before Stephen McDaniel killed and dismembered his neighbor, he typed the Google search phrase “nude ‘lauren giddings’”.

McDaniel’s Internet history, which The Telegraph obtained, shows that he visited the feed from Giddings’ Twitter account about a minute after searching for nude photos of her April 28, 2011.

That same morning, he also conducted three back-to-back searches with variations of the phrase “molest sleeping girl.”

McDaniel’s Internet browsing history from April through June 30, 2011, the day Giddings’ dismembered torso was found, points to an obsession with his neighbor.

He also spent several hours visiting pornography and dating sites, viewing advertisements for escorts on, reading erotic fiction and searching for nude photos of celebrities.

He read local and national news, watched movies and wrote posts on the Operator Chan website using the screen name “SoL.”

McDaniel, 28, also viewed web pages about guns and sex toys.

On June 30, 2011, about four hours before Giddings’ torso was discovered, McDaniel researched how to erase his browsing history.

He’d spent time early on the morning of June 30 with Giddings’ friends as they searched for her, thinking she was simply missing.

He knew otherwise -- and apparently tried to cover his digital tracks later.

On May 30, two weeks after Giddings and McDaniel had graduated from Mercer University’s law school, McDaniel again typed “lauren giddings” into his Internet browser.

A few days later, on June 3, he viewed her wish list.

On the night of June 7, McDaniel searched for Giddings’ account on a photo-sharing website. He looked for another woman’s photos in the same sitting.

A few hours later, early on the morning of June 8, he viewed Giddings’ LinkedIn networking page, Googled her name and looked at her Facebook page.

He visited Giddings’ Facebook page one last time on the afternoon of June 25, hours before McDaniel said he crept into her apartment and strangled her.

Aside from his browsing history related to Giddings, McDaniel also viewed web pages and typed in searches that could relate to his plans for the murder.

As early as May 1, he searched for “escape prison.”

The next day he searched the phrase, “choked unconscious how long wake up.”

Early June 24, McDaniel typed in multiple search phrases researching the door-jamming burglar bar that Giddings used to secure her apartment.

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