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jkovac@macon.comApril 26, 2014 

An unemployed, heavy-set south Macon man apparently figured out a way to treat himself to free breakfasts. On April 8, a staffer at The Medical Center of Central Georgia told a hospital cop that a 54-year-old Wilson Street man had been repeatedly going to the fifth floor and taking food from patients’ trays. According to an incident report, the cop took an elevator to the fifth floor about 9 a.m. And there the fellow was, with a cup of coffee in each hand and food in his mouth, chewing. The man, who had been cited for loitering there in the past, told the officer he had a doctor’s appointment -- which he did, nine days later. The man, charged with trespassing, was taken to jail.

The proprietor of a Millerfield Road beauty salon said a friend dropped by April 3 for a hairdo. The shop owner informed her friend that the hairdo would cost $90. Fine, the friend said. But when the hairdo was done, the friend told the hairdresser she didn’t have enough cash. According to a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy’s report on the matter, the hairdresser then followed the friend to an ATM and collected her payment. Late that night, the friend began texting the hairdresser, saying that she was going to “(expletive) her up” and get some money back, and that “her husband has the guns to do it,” the incident report said. The hairdresser noted that in the past her friend’s husband had told the hairdresser that “something wasn’t right” about the friend. The hairdresser didn’t care to press charges, saying she only wanted to “make a record of” the episode.

It looked like the kids were using their fingers to write in the dust on a woman’s SUV. But they weren’t. They were scratching the paint, etching a dirty word, a Bibb deputy’s April 8 report said. The owner of the scratched Ford Explorer, who lives on Merriwood Drive in northeast Macon, didn’t know the youngsters. She told the deputy she suspects a neighbor may have enticed the kids to do the damage by paying them with snacks.

He was taking a shower about 2 a.m. when he heard a loud noise. The sound came from the front of his Edna Place Road apartment. When he went to see what it was, the man, 52, found his front door kicked in. In explaining the April 8 incident to a Bibb deputy, he said that before he’d gotten in the shower a man named Peanut had knocked on his door and asked for money. The resident had shut the door in Peanut’s face and headed for the shower. When the deputy got there, Peanut was nowhere to be found.

It was after 2 a.m. April 10 when a woman at Steak ’n Shake called the cops on her ex-boyfriend. The woman, 24, told a Bibb deputy that her ex walked into the Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard restaurant while she was eating and tried to talk to her. She wasn’t having it and ignored him. He then went outside, yelling and cussing, “punching the window of his own car” and busting it, according to a report. In his rage, the report noted, the ex-boyfriend had locked his keys in the car. ... On April 7, a 21-year-old woman reportedly saw an older woman at a cigarette shop on Riverside Drive and, according to a Bibb deputy’s write-up, “felt bad for her.” The young woman offered to give her a lift. The older woman, who introduced herself as Big Momma, got in the back seat and off they went to a food mart on Napier Avenue. When Big Momma got out, she had money in her hand. The young woman remembered she’d left her wallet lying in the back seat. By the time she looked inside and found it empty, Big Momma was gone.

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