AC Pup’s CARES and Jay’s Hope to benefit from Moe’s

April 25, 2014 

“Welcome to Moe’s!” That’s what you’ll hear as soon as you open the door to Moe’s Southwest Grill.

I love Moe’s and the wonderful people associated with Moe’s like Mr. Ray Yarbrough and Mr. Matt Yerby. They are terrific gentlemen and have been so good to me and my nonprofit animal welfare group, Central Georgia CARES.

In fact, they’ve held a couple of fundraisers for CARES over the years to help us help even more homeless animals. Because of their generosity more animals were offered medical care, were spayed and neutered, and given food and shelter.

And they serve really good food, too! Each yummy dish is customized just for you.

If you like Moe’s (and who doesn’t?), I have some very good news for you. You will now be able to hear “Welcome to Moe’s!” in two locations in Macon. That’s right. The second location opened this week, and a great event you won’t want to miss is planned for Saturday.

Moe’s second location at 6255 Zebulon Road is hosting a grand opening and “Day of Giving” all day Saturday. And the best part is they are giving 100 percent of today’s proceeds to two fabulous charities.

That’s just like the great people at Moe’s to contribute their days’ earnings to worthwhile groups in the community.

I am so excited because one of the charities is my very own group, CARES. As you’ve heard me say a zillion times, CARES is a nonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to helping homeless animals, eliminating euthanasia of healthy adoptable pets, promoting spaying and neutering, eliminating animal cruelty and promoting humane education.

CARES is really working hard raising money to help get Macon dogs off chains and into safer, more comfortable living arrangements. You’ll be hearing more details about this initiative soon, but in a nutshell, CARES will help eligible families with supplies and medical care to provide an appropriate environment for their pets. Moe’s’ generosity through their Day of Giving will certainly help CARES jump-start this community project.

The other awesome charity is Jay’s Hope, the nonprofit organization that helps improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families. What a fantastic charity that provides an incredible service for families at a time they need it most.

CARES is honored to be partnered with Jay’s Hope for this event.

The event at Moe’s will last all day so you can eat lunch and supper there. Actually I could probably eat there every day, so eating lunch and supper at the same place is not a bad idea!

Just remember it’s all for charity, so load up the car with your family and friends. Or as we say in the South, “Bring your Mama and them.” Welcome to Moe’s!

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