Houston County leading the way in state school scores

April 23, 2014 

A term everyone in education is just getting accustomed to is the College and Career Ready Performance Index. Its precursor was No Child Left Behind, a system with its Adequate Yearly Progress report. Once again, Houston County is leading the way. Seventeen of the system’s 23 elementary schools surpassed the state average of 78.5. Five elementary schools scored 90 and above. Only one middle school did not exceed the state average of 74.6 and at the high school level, where the state average score is 73.5, three schools exceeded that score. One, Veterans High School, scored 13.5 points above the state average score.

The CCRPI is being scrutinized by all system administrators, and like the CRCT, the scores are not meant to be a vehicle to compare schools, although using them for comparison is natural. Rather, the scores are used to identify areas of work and to focus on areas of concern. Also, in order to compare apples to apples, the state adjusted 2012 scores to more accurately compare 2012 and 2013 scores.

The average elementary score in Bibb County was 66.3, and there were several bright spots. There were eight elementary schools that scored 70 and above and Alexander II scored 89.7 and Springdale 87.2. Several of the other elementary schools have shown significant improvement over 2012. Unfortunately, 12 schools scored less than 60 with one slightly below 50.

As interim Bibb Superintendent Steve Smith said, “I’m certainly glad we’ve had improvement, but I can assure you that we don’t have anything at this point to get excited about.” While education is a marathon and not a sprint, parents deserve to have their children in schools where the classrooms are run by highly-qualified teachers and inspirational principals. Parents can examine all CCRPI scores at http://ccrpi.gadoe.org/2013/ccrpi2013.aspx.

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