Ski-masked bandits get away empty-handed

jkovac@macon.comApril 18, 2014 

A pair of ski-masked bandits dressed in black bolted empty-handed from a Dollar General in east Macon Thursday night when a clerk didn’t open a cash register for them.

Bibb County sheriff’s deputies said that shortly before 9 p.m., the loud, quick-talking duo ordered a cashier at the Shurling Drive store to open her money drawer.

It wasn’t clear from an incident report whether the clerk stalled or couldn’t open the register, but the would-be robbers panicked.

A deputy said the stickup man with the gun was the first to run. The deputy said the gunman, in his rush to leave, slammed into a locked door before slipping out an open one.

The other bandit took off behind him, darting into the night between New Clinton and Millerfield roads.

One of the men had a mustache, but the incident report offered no fuller description of the culprits.

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