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April 12, 2014 

The foreman at a construction site on Cherry Street said one of his workers threatened him March 27. The foreman, 61, told a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy that he was on his phone when the worker, 27, marched up and told him their breaks were only 15 minutes long, and that the foreman had been on his too long. The foreman told the worker “not to worry about what he was doing and that he was conducting business,” a write-up of the incident said. The foreman promptly fired the worker, who, according to the incident report, said, “You can’t fire me, I quit!” Before leaving the site, the 27-year-old reportedly told the foreman, “You better not let me catch you on the street.”

A 17-year-old from Dry Branch was jailed on a disorderly conduct charge March 22 after he and his T-shirt caused a stir at a Cherry Blossom Festival event in Central City Park. He had been wearing a shirt that, according to a Bibb deputy’s report, “appeared very inappropriate ... given that the Cherry Blossom Festival is a family event.” The shirt was apparently confiscated. The teen said he wasn’t leaving the park until he got the shirt back. The shirt had foul language on it and it mentioned shooting a cop to “watch his body drop.” The teen was repeatedly asked to leave the park, but he refused and was taken to jail.

A manager at the Starbucks on Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard in north Macon saw a middle-aged man walk into the women’s room. A woman who works at the coffee shop went over and opened the door. “The unknown man was standing there with his pants down exposing male parts,” an incident report said. “He then left.” It was the fourth time the man had done that there, the report said, but it was the first time the Starbucks folks called the cops.

A woman who lives on Bonnie Drive in Macon said a man she knows came to her house to retrieve his cellphone. The woman, 21, handed it over, but the man, 22, got mad because the phone was locked. The woman, according to a Bibb deputy’s write-up of the March 25 incident, said that when she told the guy she hadn’t locked the phone, he pointed a gun at her.

A Skipper Road woman called the law March 26 when her boyfriend of about a week cussed her because her phone rang and interrupted a song he was listening to. ... An alleged shoplifter at the Kroger on North Avenue in Macon was reportedly seen concealing a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade in his pocket on March 26. When a deputy arrived and patted down the suspect, the deputy found the bottle and four more -- Coors Lights, still cold. ... Four days later at a Shell station in the 2700 block of Riverside Drive, a 43-year-old man grabbed a bottle of Red Stripe beer from the cooler and started drinking it. He “was still drinking the beer” when a Bibb deputy showed up, a report noted. “(He) seemed delirious and stated that he took the beer because he was ‘so thirsty.’ ”

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