AC Pup’s jumping for joy for Gigi

April 11, 2014 

Gigi relaxes in the yard outside of her new home with two of her new siblings. Suzanne and Dewey Rozar offered Gigi a place in their family.

Can you believe it was just a couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about Gigi, the almost certainly abandoned beautiful blonde that was found by the old Telegraph building?

That’s when employees from The Telegraph noticed her and began feeding her. They were concerned for her safety and alerted animal rescuers.

My nonprofit group Central Georgia CARES set a trap, and Gigi was caught in no time. The great people with the All About Animals rescue group graciously agreed to take Gigi until she found a family.

We spayed her and got her shots, as any responsible person would, and it was determined she was in excellent health. Then we waited for the perfect family.

Her accommodations at All About Animals were wonderful. But the longer she stayed in her kennel without a family to love her, the more depressed she became. And the more depressed she became, the more unadoptable she appeared.

She continued to decline to the point that an experienced dog handler was called in to evaluate her. He determined she was a wonderful girl that would make an incredible companion for the right family. She just needed a family to love.

So that’s when I started trying to help find Gigi a home. And that’s when sweet Miss Suzanne Rozar stepped forward again.

You may remember Miss Suzanne for many reasons. She and her husband, Mr. Dewey, always seem to appear when an animal, particularly a special needs animal, is in crisis.

A few years ago when a kitty was stuck so far up a Georgia pine that he was just a speck in the sky, CARES arranged to get him down, and the Rozars added him to their family. He is affectionately known as Tree Kitty and still lives with them today.

They were also some of the first ones to show up to help with Mr. Jesse Faust’s and Lady’s pen. They cleared the area and carried brush away so we could build the pen.

Just a few weeks ago Miss Suzanne was instrumental in reuniting Mickey, the German short-haired pointer that had been lost for two weeks, with his parents.

And finally, their hearts were stirred over my column about Gigi and how she needed to find a home quickly. Once again they put their compassion into action and took Gigi home.

As soon as Gigi was at their house with all their other rescues, each with their own stories, she began running laps with the others. Miss Suzanne says Gigi has not stopped smiling.

Gigi now has a family. She has siblings and parents who love her. She’ll never have to worry about being left all alone in a parking lot again.

Some people are just angels on Earth. I believe the Rozars are. There’s just no other way to describe them.

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