Affidavits: Sounds heard in Giddings’ apartment last night she was seen

Telegraph staffApril 11, 2014 

The girlfriend of a man who lived in the apartment beneath Lauren Giddings says she saw Giddings’ accused killer toting “a large stick” and later heard “movement” in Giddings’ residence the last night Giddings was seen alive.

Prosecutors filed a motion this week seeking a judge’s order to compel the girlfriend to testify at Stephen McDaniel’s murder trial, which is set to begin April 28 in Henry County and last about two weeks.

Bertila Ivane Delora Boyd had gone to Barristers Hall apartments on Georgia Avenue on June 25, 2011, with her boyfriend, Antoine Terrell Bostic, according to affidavits that accompany the motion.

Bostic, who along with Giddings and McDaniel had graduated from Mercer University’s law school the month before, was in the process of moving out of his apartment.

Bostic lived directly below the 27-year-old Giddings and diagonally below McDaniel, now 28, who is charged with murder in Giddings’ death.

While waiting in the car, Boyd saw McDaniel “carrying a large stick” as he walked from the side of the apartments where the garbage cans were kept, an affidavit said.

Giddings’ torso was found in a trash can outside the apartments June 30, 2011. The rest of her remains have not been recovered.

Bostic and Boyd apparently dropped by Bostic’s apartment sometime after Giddings bought food at a downtown Zaxby’s drive-thru that evening, the last time anyone is known to have seen Giddings.

Prosecutors contend that Boyd’s recollection of hearing sounds coming from Giddings’ apartment “aids the State in establishing a time line of events,” an affidavit states.

After seeing McDaniel, Boyd said she went inside Bostic’s apartment, where she heard “movement from above” in Giddings’ apartment.

Two weeks after Giddings’ dismembered torso was discovered, investigators seized a refrigerator from Bostic’s apartment.

Earlier this year there was discussion at a McDaniel pretrial hearing about two strands of hair reportedly found in the refrigerator. Prosecutors at the time said they were awaiting test results on the hairs from an FBI lab.

A second motion seeks to compel Bostic to testify at McDaniel’s trial.

Bostic has said he noticed items in his apartment had been rearranged.

Prosecutors argue Bostic’s testimony backs their position that his apartment was used “in the concealment of the crime,” an affidavit said.

Judge Howard Simms signed orders Tuesday granting both motions.

Boyd and Bostic are now law partners, according to their South Carolina firm’s website.

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