ERICKSON: The local primary races

April 11, 2014 

Most of us do not start paying attention to primaries until June, but the Georgia GOP moved them up to May this year. They want to avoid a blood bath in the GOP Senate primary. That affects us locally. From the school board to the water authority to the Georgia House and Georgia Senate we have races galore with the primary on May 20. Never mind that we just went through a campaign season for a consolidated city-county government.

I am backing Sam Hart for Macon Water Authority chairman. Sam steered us toward consolidation, he left his post gracefully and quietly, and I think he would be a real asset steering a new generation of leadership at the water authority. I do not know his rival at all. But I know Sam and think he would be good.

My friend Dwight Jones is running for the District 3 seat at the authority. The Macon Water Authority is a business more than a government. Dwight and I are in Sunday School together. He is a terrific businessman with a fair and even-tempered spirit. Dwight has been investing in the community for a long time. He has been creating jobs, providing buildings for local businesses, and growing his family in the community. I am happy to support him.

As I have previously mentioned, John F. Kennedy is running for Cecil Staton’s state Senate seat. No, this isn’t the former president, but a friend of mine from my law practice days. John is a great guy. He will make a great state senator. The average IQ in the joint will go up the moment he steps through the door. John is a level-headed, humble guy. He is a super lawyer and a great family man and friend, too.

It is nice to be able to support people because I know and like them, as opposed to supporting them because of their opponents. Truth be told, I do not know the people running against any of these guys. I am sure they are good people. But I know Sam, Dwight and John. I know they are competent. I know they have the qualities that would make them perfect fits. I know the county and the Middle Georgia area with John in the Senate, would be in good hands. John would take care of Crawford, Monroe and the rest of his district, too.

All those races, though, pale in comparison to the big race. It may not seem like a big race, but it is. Daryl Morton is running for the school board. Daryl, his wife Amy, and I do not exactly see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues. They are as Democrat and I am Republican; as liberal as I am conservative. Daryl had been the head of the Bibb County Democratic Party until the local party decided to commit suicide.

We may not see eye to eye on most things, but I know Daryl and his wife are fundamentally committed to our county. I know Daryl is fundamentally committed to fixing our school system. I have no doubt of that. Beyond that though, Daryl has already shown his willingness to deviate from local party orthodoxy among local Democrats. He has shown a willingness to do what is objectively right even if it is unpopular among local power players.

Our school system is broken and it must be fixed. Voting for Daryl Morton would be a step in the right direction.

Erick Erickson is a Fox News contributor and radio talk show host in Atlanta.

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