Editorial: Pedestrians can aid their own cause: Pay attention

April 11, 2014 

Another pedestrian has been hit on Macon-Bibb County streets and killed. Timothy Walker became the third pedestrian hit and killed this year while seven others have been hit and survived. In 2013 there were nine pedestrian fatalities. People are rubbing their foreheads seeking an elusive solution. The fact that many of our roads have no sidewalks and there are large stretches of road without a crosswalk and virtually no bike lanes get some of the blame. Our roads are an accident waiting to happen and the wait hasn’t been long. On Pio Nono, three people, in two incidents, were hit in a span of 40 minutes.

Sidewalks and bike lanes and crosswalks won’t come soon enough, but pedestrians also have to take some responsibility. While there are distracted drivers, texting or talking on their phones, the same is true of pedestrians.

Having your head up and eyes on the road is not just meant for drivers. Another simple thing pedestrians can do to protect themselves is to wear clothing that is easily seen at night. Too many times pedestrians are wearing dark-colored clothing that is hard and creates a hazard for them and drivers.

On another front, Planning and Zoning should never again approve projects that don’t include sidewalks and bike lanes or roads that don’t have suffiecient crossing points

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