Brown: Chiropractic therapy a means to a fuller life

April 9, 2014 

No twisting, no popping and no cracking. That’s what John Pettygrove said about neurologically based chiropractic services.

Pettygrove is a doctor of chiropractic and owner of Renovation Chiropractic. He believes that health is more than just a condition. It is a tool to help a person best achieve his or her life’s purpose.

Unfortunately, there are far too many people, even children, suffering from aches, pains and diseases that are preventing them from doing the things that matter most. Pettygrove said neurologically based chiropractic is a natural, drug-free approach that helps the body heal from a lot of these different health conditions.

Pettygrove said the central nervous system controls and coordinates everything in the body. He said the system is a super communication switchboard telling the body what to do.

I picture it like an airplane being the body, and the air traffic controllers are the central nervous system telling the planes what to do. When the body gets out of alignment, the spinal column puts pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves leading to aches, pains and dysfunction. Pettygrove said the flow of life can be restored through specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustments.

Pettygrove said the treatment modality he uses is a NASA-certified space technology. The technique is based on a research project that has been proven to work on infants, children and adults.

The analysis is detailed and tailored to each person who may be experiencing misalignment or subluxation. The neurological assessment allows the doctor to assess the condition accurately.

The analogy that Pettygrove uses is similar to wearing braces. Pettygrove said a person may wear braces to get their teeth in alignment and stabilized. Once teeth are aligned, a retainer is worn to maintain alignment.

Chiropractic specialty uses the same type of principle to keep the spine aligned and maintain sustainable results. A care plan is customized based on the assessment to help maintain stabilization and track the progression of healing.

Pettygrove said a common myth is that chiropractic services could break the neck or cause a twisted or cracked spine. Pettygrove said the spinal cord and nerves are very fragile, and that’s one of the reasons four years of undergraduate and four years of doctorate-level education are required.

Pettygrove’s wife, Courtney, who works with her husband, said if anyone feels uncomfortable, there is reassurance there is no twisting, popping or cracking. Gentle, specific adjustments are used to help with alignment.

Pettygrove said his goal is to help people get better, stay better and be healthier so that they may live life to the fullest potential. For more information about Renovation Chiropractic, the website is, and the phone number is 478-333-6134.

Dairlyn Brown is a nurse in Warner Robins.

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