AC Pup encouraged by midstate’s young people

April 4, 2014 

I’ve been to two events recently involving our local schools. If the kids I’ve seen are any indication of how the next generation will care for animals, the animals will be in great shape.

The first event was at Howard Middle School. I was invited by Miss Lisa Walker to come to the assembly for the Junior Beta Club. The club conducted a food drive for my nonprofit group, Central Georgia CARES, and we were there to speak at the assembly and collect the food and supplies.

We were absolutely astounded when we saw the items these kids collected. There was food, towels, toys and treats as far as the eye could see. We were so humbled by their generosity and the fact that they spent so much time organizing this drive and planning ways to help homeless animals. Thank you so much, Howard Middle School Junior Beta Club!

Then I headed to see First Presbyterian Day School’s fifth-graders. They also did an incredible project for CARES under the direction of Miss Chris Schwarz, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker SSK. Miss Chris works with Mr. Mallory Jones, also a Realtor with the same firm and a strong animal advocate.

Miss Chris is new to Macon so Mr. Mallory told her about CARES. He told her some of the things we do in the community to help animals and promoting spay and neuter and humane education.

In addition to being a Realtor, Miss Chris is a former teacher. She also wanted to keep her teaching skills current so she volunteers at FPD. Then she had an idea.

She approached the principal and asked her if she would allow the fifth-graders to participate in a project about being an entrepreneur. It would be a long unit, and Miss Chris would have to volunteer with the kids for about eight weeks.

The principal agreed, and the work began. The students decided on the type of business they would run, how they would run it, determine how to make a profit and what to do with the money.

Those sweet kids at FPD decided to open a flower shop and make tissue flowers to sell in anticipation of Grandparents Day on March 28. And to show you how really wonderful those kids are, they unanimously decided to donate their proceeds to benefit animals.

The fifth-graders decided to donate the money to help the animals. But they never dreamed their first business would be so incredibly successful.

In just eight weeks these kids went from knowing nothing about running a business to having such a successful sale they raised more than $1,800 for the benefit of animals. Miss Chris did a phenomenal job of working with highly motivated students.

What a blessing for CARES and me to meet so many talented and kind teachers and students. Thank you Howard Middle School and FPD for showing so much compassion for animals. You set a great example for others to follow.

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