Dublin eye doctor killed in house fire

awomack@macon.comApril 2, 2014 

Dr. Forrest Marshall

A 72-year-old man died Tuesday when his Dublin house caught fire.

A neighbor called for help after spotting the fire at 801 Gordon Edwards Road about 7 p.m., said Glenn Allen, a spokesman for the state fire marshal’s office.

Firefighters found Dr. Forrest A. Marshall, an eye doctor, dead inside.

The exact cause of the fire still is unknown and under investigation.

Marshall was widely known, and he was also a part-time inventor.

Among his creations was a tape measure with two patented features -- one for its variety of measuring elements and the other for a pause button.

In 2002 his invention appeared on the home shopping network QVC, and 2,000 of the devices sold in just 10 minutes.

Its primary feature was a set of numbers in the middle of the inch-wide metal tape showing the center point of a measurement.

Marshall also placed alternating numbers in reverse so the tape could be read if it was being held in the left hand. He also put red marks on it to identify standard distances between studs.

Marshall held more than 16 U.S. and European patents. His inventions included a stapler that does not puncture the paper and a medicine-bottle cap with a swinging-arm dispenser.

-- Staff writer Wayne Crenshaw contributed to this report.

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