Man dies after confrontation on Monroe County road

Staff reportApril 2, 2014 

Christopher Bunn

A man died late Tuesday after a confrontation with a family on a country road in Monroe County.

A man and his family were riding up the road north of Forsyth, just west of Interstate 75, when the man saw a guy standing in the road.

The driver, John Adam Bevan, said that when he stopped his Ford Explorer, the guy, later identified as Christopher Bryan Bunn, 37, tried to jump in.

The incident happened along Smith Road, south of Johnstonville Road.

Bunn got in through a back door of the Explorer, where four children were sitting, according to a Monroe County sheriff’s statement.

Bunn ordered Bevan to “go, go, go ... move, move” and tried to reach the Explorer’s gas pedal.

Bevan, 32, of Forsyth, got out and struggled to pull Bunn -- who was then trying to choke a woman in the front seat -- from the vehicle.

In the 9:20 p.m. mayhem, one of the children was kicked under the chin.

Beven, the statement said, “removed Bunn from the Explorer, during which time that same child was pulled out of the vehicle by Bunn. Bevan then wrestled Bunn to the ground and held him there until deputies arrived.”

Bunn was handcuffed but soon deemed “unresponsive,” the sheriff’s statement said. He was pronounced dead later at the Monroe County Hospital.

His cause of death was not known. His body was taken to a crime lab to be autopsied.

Monroe Sheriff John Cary Bittick said Wednesday that there were no weapons involved.

The people in the Explorer did not know Bunn, he said, but the sheriff added that Bunn “was definitely known to us.”

Records show that Bunn, who has lived in Owensboro, Ky., was arrested in McDonough last month for driving with a suspended license.

Authorities said he had a Kentucky driver’s license and that his mother lived there.

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