Final thoughts from Party on the Green: Festival concludes

Final thoughts from Party on the Green: Festival concludes

March 30, 2014 

The lawn of Wesleyan College was filled Sunday with families, couples, young and old for the finale of the Cherry Blossom Festival. The Party on the Green capped off the 10-day festival though the true finale will be held next weekend with the Tunes & Balloons event. Here are what just a few people had to share about why they like the “pinkest party on earth.”

•Kim Karton, from Macon

“In 1988 I was the Cherry Blossom Princess. And so, I carry on the tradition of coming out here and going downtown and riding rides. I love the Cherry Blossom parades. They are beautiful. My mom and I discuss all the time whether they [the blossoms] are going to bloom at the right time or not, and if the wind is going to take it away or if the rain is going to take it away or anything. Because if it comes out just right, then everyone who comes to visit enjoys the view because it is just beautiful. It’s gorgeous. Is it not? Look around.”

•Kevin and Judy Mulvihill from Jacksonville, Fla

“We had heard about the festival,” Judy Mulvihill said. “And then we wanted to see the cherry blossoms, so we just came on up. And we are having a great time. The people are so friendly.”

•Carol Davidson, from Macon

“I just love anything in the Cherry Blossom. We went to the festival yesterday, and my grandchildren got to ride the rides. It’s really nice to just get out and mingle with the crowd and the people. You have a lot of good activities going on.”

•Paul Williams with his pink poodle Blossom, named after the Cherry Blossom Festival

“It was such a beautiful day, and this has always been the finale. Now it’s going to be just an interim finale. We always enjoy the smiles that Blossom creates with the children and all the other people.”

•Lisa Mayfield from Macon

“We live real close by, and we enjoy being out here and seeing everybody. The weather is great. This is one of our favorites (events). We just enjoy being outside. We brought a picnic dinner and listening to the music. The whole atmosphere.”

•Sharon Alexander

“I’m from Forsyth, but my mom works here at Wesleyan.” “It’s an annual thing. We come every year. We enjoy the Cherry Blossom each year. We go to the park, and we go to the parade also, and the festival downtown.” The ice cream is her favorite part of the entire festival.

-Compiled by Conner Wood, Center for Collaborative Journalism

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