Concert crawl draws crowds to indoor venues

Concert crawl draws crowds to indoor venues

Center for Collaborative JournalismMarch 30, 2014 

A late afternoon rain shower did not stop attendance at Saturday’s Cherry Blossom Festival night devoted to music and entertainment.

The Cherry Blossom Music Festival, or the concert crawl as it was often referred, replaced the former street party, which had been affected by bad weather for six of the last 10 festivals.

Instead, crowds could move between downtown venues and listen to a variety of bands as part of a pub crawl. The event brought a sizable crowd of all different types to listen to bands and drink beer and spirits.

Coming from his home at the Dannenberg Lofts, Russell Boston found it all too easy to walk his dog and stomp his feet to music playing for free at Third Street Park. The park was a free venue while the indoor venues required paid admission.

Unlike Boston, many people who came to the crawl Saturday evening were not Macon residents.

Jimmy Monk from Warner Robins, said he knew some great bands would show up to the concert crawl, and he wanted something fun to entertain himself and his friend from Hawkinsville. He watched Cranford Hollow perform at the Cox Capitol Theater and said he really liked that they had a violin player.

“My girlfriend’s mother was a violin player,” he said. “They have an Irish sound to them. They’re great.”

Other venues included the Hummingbird Bar and Taproom, Theatre Macon, the 567 Center for Renewal, The Wall, Fowl Play and Crazy Bull.

Music ranged from southern rock and country, to singer-songwriter and folksy tunes, cover bands, electronic and hip-hop.

Darlene Catuara travelled all the way from Orange County, Calif. to visit a friend from high school. Lucky for her, she was also able to enjoy the local music.

“It has good energy and is a beautiful town. I thought it was going to be a cow town but it’s not,” she said.

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