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jkovac@macon.comMarch 29, 2014 

The incident report doesn’t mention what prompted a March 16 “disturbance” on Main Street in east Macon, just that it began when one man attacked another with a broom. The Bibb County deputy who answered the call spoke first with the 23-year-old man who’d been on the wrong end of the broom. The guy said he’d been arguing with a 20-year-old who lived at his place in the 400 block of Main, and that the younger man had grabbed a broom. The older man said “he felt threatened, and then grabbed a knife that was lying on top of his dresser and stabbed” the other guy, the deputy’s report said. The stab wound wasn’t serious. The 23-year-old was questioned by investigators and let go. The broom wielder couldn’t be found. Someone at the fight scene said he’d taken off “when he realized sheriff’s deputies were on the way, because he felt he had a warrant on him.”

A 21-year-old woman, a customer, was recently banned from the Macon PetSmart. On the afternoon of March 20, according to a Bibb sheriff’s report, a deputy was sent to the store at 4551 Billy Williamson Drive on a “contact person” call. A PetSmart worker told the deputy that the 21-year-old customer had been “very irate,” screaming and cussing at employees. The customer erupted, the report noted, when she was told that without a valid ID she could not return the guinea pig she’d bought.

The same day, at some apartments in the 2000 block of Mumford Road, a 29-year-old man called the cops about one of his neighbors. The neighbor’s children, he said, were being too loud. The complaining man told a Bibb deputy that when he confronted the neighbor, 28, the neighbor pulled a gun out of a bag just “far enough for the complainant to see” it, the deputy’s report said. “The complainant stated that during the argument, (the neighbor) told him, ‘I will fire off at you.’” The neighbor was gone when the deputy arrived, but a woman who lives with him said she would shush the kids.

A framed picture was smashed to pieces and shattered glass was all over the hallway in a house on Shakespeare Boulevard in southwest Macon. There’d been an argument, and it was still raging when a Bibb deputy got there March 19. Two teenage boys, 17 and 18, the deputy reported, had gotten into “a verbal altercation.” The younger teen was mad at the older one because the older one was wearing his jeans and wouldn’t give them back. A woman who lives at the house was cited for having a “disorderly house.” The deputy’s report didn’t mention whether the jeans were returned to their owner.

A Bibb deputy was patrolling Harrison Road one night in early March. She was out trying to curtail drug dealing and prostitution in the area. A man in a gray Ford Ranger pickup, spotting the deputy, turned around and drove off. The deputy followed and pulled the truck over. In her incident report, the deputy noted that the driver, a 43-year-old Milledgeville man, had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. The deputy also saw an open, half-empty pint of Seagram’s Seven by his seat. He “admitted to having several drinks,” the deputy’s write-up said, and while being questioned the fellow “became very hostile.” He was arrested and at first agreed to take a breath test, but “once in front of the machine (he) looked at me and laughed,” the deputy wrote. Then he told her, “I got all night to mess with you,” and refused the test. He was charged with DUI and jailed.

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