AC Pup: Gigi crying for a family

March 28, 2014 

Gigi was saved from The Telegraph’s former parking lot on Broadway in downtown Macon.

Remember the column I wrote a couple of weeks ago about preventing pets from being abandoned by their families? One of the scenarios I described of pets being deserted by families they love was how a family drives to an unfamiliar location, opens the door, pushes the pet out and drives away.

This is what we believe happened to Gigi. Of course, we don’t know for sure, but based on experienced rescuers who observed her and tried to catch her for quite some time, we think someone she loved abandoned her.

She appeared out of nowhere at The Telegraph’s old parking lot last December. She’d never been seen in the area before, and she did not appear to be a stray.

She was well fed, well-behaved but oh so sad. She stayed in the same place for days watching cars go by. She didn’t dare leave her spot in case her family came back for her. But no one ever came.

I know that sick feeling of abandonment. It happened to me. I’ll never forget the feeling of absolute terror, loneliness and betrayal I felt when I realized I was suddenly an orphan. I’m convinced that’s what Gigi was feeling as well.

Thanks to the kind people at The Telegraph, Gigi was fed regularly. They also alerted rescue groups about Gigi’s situation, and many of them attempted to catch her.

It became clear she was kind but timid, and she had no intention of being easily caught. So my nonprofit group, Central Georgia CARES, set a humane trap and, after a couple of days, Gigi was finally on her way to All About Animals rescue.

When she arrived there, she was gentle, affectionate and completely submissive. She totally soaked up the love and security All About Animals offered.

But it’s been almost four months now, and for a sensitive dog like Gigi, that’s an eternity. It’s a lifetime especially for a dog that experienced the breach of trust from probable abandonment.

Living in a kennel for almost 120 days with no family of her own has taken its toll on Gigi. Although she’s very well cared for at the rescue, she’s grieving from the pain of having no relationship with a family.

She’s confused, heartbroken and afraid. And her emotional stress has manifested in a way that makes her appear unadoptable when she’s enclosed in her kennel. But when she’s outside the pen, she reverts to being a sweet and submissive girl.

A seasoned dog handler has evaluated her. He concluded she is submissive by nature and that her inappropriate behavior when she’s in the kennel is actually a cry for a family that will provide love, security and leadership.

The handler is so confident she would be an incredible addition to an understanding family that he’s agreed to keep her for a period of time, once someone adopts her, to resocialize her. That’s how special he believes she is.

Life has been tough for Gigi these past four months. Her current emotional situation is evidence of that.

But there’s hope for her if the right person steps forward. If you would like to meet or adopt Gigi, please email

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