Passers-by give CPR to man struck by car

lfabian@macon.comMarch 28, 2014 

A homeless man walked into traffic Friday morning near the intersection of Spring Street and Riverside Drive, according to witnesses.

The man, identified by Bibb County sheriff’s deputies as 44-year-old Timothy Walker, appeared lifeless after being thrown into the air and hitting the pavement.

A blue Honda Civic, driven by a 22-year-old Macon woman, hit Walker in front of the Checkers fast food restaurant at the corner, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

“I saw him when the car hit him, he went up in the air,” said Mary Mason, who was driving by and stopped.

Alton Thomas Sr. was on his way to work at The Medical Center of Central Georgia when his wife spotted the man in the street.

“When I looked, I had seen the guy lying on the ground, and my first instinct was just to jump out of the car and see what was going on and try to help,” Thomas said. “When I went over, I shook him and asked him is he OK, and he never said anything.”

Another unidentified man, with apparent medical training, determined Walker was not breathing and began performing CPR before Thomas took over.

“He’s dead, man. Oh my God,” Walker’s friend Marty Campbell cried out as he fell back in grief onto the sidewalk from his perch on the curb.

But by the time emergency crews arrived, Walker was breathing again on his own, Thomas said.

Campbell said he was sitting at the bus station when he saw the accident.

“That’s my friend. He walked out in front of a car and they hit him,” he said.

Bibb County fatality investigators were called due to the serious nature of the accident.

Walker was in critical condition Friday afternoon at The Medical Center of Central Georgia.

“Maybe I’ll see him in recovery,” Thomas said as he got into the car to resume his trip to the hospital, where he works as a surgical tech assistant.

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