Cancer strikes Warner Robins family 3 times

awoolen@macon.comMarch 26, 2014 

Stephanie and Anthony Mobley pose for a picture with their sons Cyrus, left, and Darius.


WARNER ROBINS -- Stephanie Mobley was seven months pregnant with her youngest son when she received the news she had cervical cancer.

Two years later, the 26-year-old was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

“I almost lost my life,” the mother of two said.

Now she’s 38, and it is her husband, Anthony Mobley, who has been stricken with the disease.

Anthony and Stephanie Mobley have been together for 19 years and married for four and a half. They met at Northside High School, where they both graduated.

On Feb. 16, the Mobleys found out that 36-year-old Anthony had colon cancer. He had a third of his colon removed, and that is when the battle started.

After spending a week in recovery at Houston Medical Center, Anthony was released Feb. 25. He was rushed back two days later with a blood clot in his arm and a severe infection. He was transferred to Coliseum Medical Centers and spent several days on a ventilator.

“The doctors advised me that he was in respiratory failure,” Stephanie said.

She was told to bring their sons, Cyrus, 16, and Darius, 15, to see their father for possibly the last time.

The Mobleys didn’t accept the diagnosis.

The couple made the decision to transfer Anthony to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta March 6.

“They saved my life,” Anthony said of the doctors at Emory.

Before his diagnosis, Mobley built skateboard ramps and coached baseball at the Warner Robins Recreation Department for several years.

“I’m just a regular guy,” he said, humbled by all of the support he’s been given.

Because she was so worried about her husband, Stephanie kept watch over him 22 hours a day for the first few days.

She said she lost her job because she asked for too much time off.

They drained their savings account to pay cash for an ambulance, which cost $3,000.

The road to recovery is not over for this couple.

Anthony still has six months of chemotherapy once he is healed from the infections.

“Every day is a new struggle,” he said. “I was at death’s doorstep.”

Not only will the family have to recover physically and emotionally, there is the financial toll as well.

Stephanie estimated the stay at Houston Medical Center will cost in the tens of thousands.

She can’t begin to estimate how much Emory will cost, and her husband’s release date could be weeks away.

This is where family and friends have stepped in.

Misty Hall, a childhood friend of Stephanie, along with Nicole Crofutt and a few other close friends, have set up fundraisers to help the family.

So far, the group has raised more than $10,000, Crofutt said.

Two benefit concerts will be held in the upcoming weeks. Friends on the Hill in Warner Robins is hosting a concert at 9 p.m. Friday and Meldino’s pizzeria will hold another at 5 p.m. May 3.

A Boston butt sale netted the group $2,100.

“As a community, we’ll do anything to help,” Hall said.

Hall’s husband, Gary Hall, has a group that is volunteering to do plumbing and electrical work on the Mobleys’ new home. The family previously bought a fixer-upper home and has not been able to do the necessary work to move in.

Crofutt, who has known the couple for 20 years, said the Mobleys are like family to her.

“The love of the community has been phenomenal,” she said.

Misty Hall said anyone could be put in that situation and need the community’s help.

Keeping up with the fundraising through phone calls and Facebook, Stephanie is grateful for her friends.

It’s amazing,” she said. “We cannot believe the support we’ve gotten.”

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