Residents trapped as Bibb breezeway collapses

lfabian@macon.comMarch 24, 2014 

A breezeway collapsed early Friday morning, trapping some residents of the Harbour Club Apartments at 6300 Moseley Dixon Road.

One man was working on his computer when he heard the crash and opened his door to find the floor he usually steps onto was gone.

The floor had buckled at an angle down to the lower level.

He woke up his wife and called for help.

Macon-Bibb County firefighters got the call about possible entrapment at 5:20 a.m.

District Chief James Wallace said crews rushed to the complex overlooking Lake Tobesofkee, thinking people had been on the breezeway and were pinned under it.

“They were just trapped inside the apartment, so that made it a little easier to deal with,” Wallace said.

Firefighters helped one woman through her bedroom window.

They removed a patio railing to free the married couple and their dog.

“The breezeway was made of plywood, and the plywood gave way,” Wallace said. “The plywood over the years just gave way and just failed and collapsed under its own weight.”

Tom Buttram, Macon and Bibb County’s building inspector, immediately sent a crew to the property to make sure the building design was structurally sound.

“There was some pretty severe termite damage,” Buttram said.

His department will have to issue a permit for repairs, but Buttram did not expect any other action to be necessary.

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