Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku

March 23, 2014 


A Yoshino cherry tree blooms at Central City Park in Macon in years past.


Why did I write this?

Every year the plaintive plea:

Paper wants haiku.

-- Steve Allen

Cherry ice cream scoops,

Pink pancakes on the griddle,

Taste buds colored pink!

-- Celeste Queen

Pink poodle -- yeah, sure

This year what I want to see

Is the Pink Panther

-- Betty Jean Jordan

Blooms on cherry trees

Shades from deep pink to near white

Cluster on each tree

-- Susan Maddox

Raining slowly down

As each breeze touches a tree

Petals gently fall

-- Susan Maddox

The ground gets covered

As all the petals come down

Ending cherry blooms

-- Susan Maddox

Pinky white cherry,

Yellowy white dogwood trees

Bright azaleas bloom

-- Susan Maddox

Bright green leaves appear

Petals gently floating down

Cover ground below

-- Susan Maddox

I feel a south wind

Could be blowing blossoms in

Then the cold will leave

-- N.E. Wasson Jr.

I feel a warm breeze

Is it a smell in the air

No, it’s the pink trees

-- N.E. Wasson Jr.

Beautiful pink buds

Kids running ‘round and laughing

Love is all around!

-- Mary Cloutier, age 12

Ubiquitous pink

Lovely queen and princesses

Macon’s time to shine!

-- Lisa Cloutier

Time for us all to

Embrace a sweeter air; here,

The pink petals soothe

-- Rachel Leigh Clark

Cherry blossoms bloom

What a sweet smell in the air

Enjoy the flowers

-- N.E. Wasson Jr.

Nothing warms my heart

Like cherry blossoms in spring

Macon in full bloom

-- N.E. Wasson Jr.

Pink petals floating

In the breeze. I take a breath,

Sweet air fills my lungs.

-- N.E. Wasson Jr.

Cherry blossoms die

A pink blanket for the earth

The ground soaked in blood

-- William G. Rhodes

Among the rubble

Cherry blossom trees blooming

The art of Japan

-- William G. Rhodes

Macon united

Celebrate cherry blossoms

Thanks, Mr. Fickling

-- Freeda Chapman

Reflecting sunlight

Cherry blossoms blooming bright

Everything is right

-- Janet Foskey

Spring is in the air

With cherry blossoms blooming

Creation’s love shows

-- Janet Foskey

Pink and green are seen

Throughout this historic town

Bringing smiles to all

-- Janet Foskey

Flowers on a grave

Pink blossoms for the season

Miss you, Mom and Dad.

-- Denise Perry Hicks

Sacred Southern bloom

Sweet constant of centuries

Genus forgotten

-- Molly Kate Toombs, age 16

Anthers rise from flow’r:

Planets, stars, stemming, float from

Bloom of human life

-- Molly Kate Toombs, age 16

I love the pink trees

They make me feel glad and blessed

It’s spring in the air

-- Sally Buxton

Fantastic spring fun!

Pinkadelic blossom theme

Join in the parade!

-- Cheryl Jones

Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink

Cherry blossom ink, ink, ink

Painting happiness!

-- Alice Wolmack

Buds blooming in March

Pink petals in the wind blow

Washed away by rain

-- Daphne Oliver

Horse drawn carriage rides

Pink ladies serving ice cream

Cherry blossom time

-- Daphne Oliver

Look! Cherry blossoms!

Macon is blessed with pink trees

It’s festival time

-- Jeanine Frey

They are ev’rywhere

Macon’s blooming cherry trees

Oh, I just love them!

-- Jeanine Frey

Cherry days in March

Happy days to one and all

Pink delight for you!

-- Adam Lease, age 6

The trees are ready

They are dressed so prettily

It’s their time to shine

-- Pat Vickers

Away dark and gloom

Come morning sun, shine brightly

Bring festival fun

-- Pat Vickers

Following the sounds

Of laughter, music playing

It’s time to think pink

-- Pat Vickers

Pink poodle parade

Petals provides paw-tographs

Why no pink puppies?

-- Jeff Whatley

Let’s all celebrate!

Macon is blessed with pink trees

It’s festival time

-- Jeanine Frey

Macon has it all

Beauty, food, wine and music

There’s a pub crawl, y’all!

-- Jeanine Frey

Cherry Blossom Fest

Is a great time of the year

Pink sights everywhere!

-- Judith Nelson

Cherry blossom pink

Is in bloom all around town

Check out Macon now!

-- Judith Nelson

Pink hopes flowing high,

Endless smiles, musical sounds,

Cherry blossom time!

-- Natasha Bond

Pink bliss on the wood

Bright, fresh, sweet scents in the midst

Calm, rich spice the spring

-- Dustin Chancellor

Beautiful sunshine

And laughter of pink flowers

A beautiful life

-- Elizabeth McArthur, age 11

Sun, looks like sugar

Ready to fall down to earth

For comfort and warmth

-- Virginia McArthur, age 13

Silently awake

Glorious nature, I am

So humbled by you

-- Whitney McArthur

Very cherry pink

Happy and fun times with friends

Macon in the spring!

-- Denise Hicks

Petals past their prime

Wind rustling through trees above

Shower of pink snow.

-- Denise Hicks

Walking through the park,

Many cute crafts for sale here.

What will I purchase?

-- Denise Hicks

What a sight to see

Flowers and trees full of bloom

Pink is the color.

-- Khadija Sullivan

Pink, pink everywhere

Laughter fills the air daily

Spring is almost here.

-- Khadija Sullivan

Cherry blossom time

Yes, it is here once again

Enjoy and have fun!

-- Khadija Sullivan

In the warm springtime

Beautiful blossoms open

Take our breath away

-- Jeanine Frey

The light shades of pink

Arts, crafts, pink suits in full bloom

Cherry blossom time

-- Hannah Paul

So pretty in pink

Blossoms falling like snowflakes

On my fair city

-- Jennifer Smith Garrett

Let Macon greet you

With cherry blossom snow globes

To dazzle your eyes.

-- Jenny Jones

Cliques, clichés, genres

Wives’ tales, fantasies, spirits

Metaphors of pink.

-- Sheila Harvell Conn

God’s art show displays

Elegance in shades of pink

Cherry blossoms pose.

-- Sheila Harvell Conn

Cherry blossoms bloom

Celebrate our festival

With quiet beauty

-- Teresa Cranford

Blushing petals fall

And are blown into a whirl

By a playful breeze.

-- Doyle Spence

Let’s fly our new kites

High above the pink tree limbs

Down by the river.

-- Doyle Spence

March’s noon sun and heat

Is but preamble to June.

For now, cool pink rules!

-- Doyle Spence

The dawn breeze is soft,

Barely moves Yoshino blooms

As Macon awakes.

-- Doyle Spence

Pink, pink and more pink

Hot air balloons fly skyward

We eat pink ice cream

-- John Wagner III

Will they bloom in time?

We await the beauty of

Lacy pink petals

-- Beverly Owens

Yoshino trees bloom

Nature’s brush strokes highlight the

Canvas of Macon

-- Beverly Owens

Pink shades of sweetness

Cotton candy on the lips

The delight of spring

-- Beverly Owens

Macon smiles in awe!

In the beauty of pink blooms

Visual delight.

-- Beverly Owens

Cherry blossoms bloom

Nature shows its best beauty

By showing the tree

-- Dale Harper, sixth grade

Wesleyan Woods glows.

Take a drive by Fickling Farms.

Love seeing the blooms.

-- Rhonda Koplin

Amanda was first

Cherry blossom jazz baby

Grandchild number one!

-- Rhonda Koplin

Blossoms opening.

Whispering “Listen, listen,

Do you hear us sing?”

-- Bonita Aaron

The Cherry Blossom

Festival is amusing.

I enjoy the rides.

-- Eddy Landon, age 10

The hot air balloons

Glow under the bright moonlight.

I love to watch them.

-- Julie Landon

I smile as I see

The gifts from the Blossom Tree

Gliding pink and sweet.

-- DeAnndra Dixon

Buds from the cherry

In bloom. Beautiful Macon,

Spring is here at last!

-- Pat Bradley

Cherry blossom time

Poodles, ice cream, pancakes pink

Macon enchantment

-- Merle Hazard

Warm sun, crisp breezes

Bring wild flurry of pink blooms

To expectant buds

-- Laura Lease

Cherry blossom days

The pink poodle’s on parade

Cherry blossoms sway

-- Jonathan Lease, age 8

My dog stops and stares,

A pink poodle up ahead.

I swear he snickers.

-- Melissa Anderson

On the blossom trail

Kids offer a lemonade.


-- Melissa Anderson

Looking for pink snow.

Tired of the winter kind.

Come, cherry blossoms!

-- Melissa Anderson

When we think of pink,

Cherry blossoms bloom to mind.

Spring is what we find.

-- Tina Murray

Cherry tree, we see

Thy blossoms budding outward.

And we are happy.

-- Tina Murray

Oh cherry blossoms

How thy beauty stirs my soul

Awakening me

-- Andy Bedingfield

I paused and saw thee

Waving thy flowered sweet limbs

Welcoming me home

-- Andy Bedingfield

Blossoms awaken

Nature’s canvas painted green

Pink petals abound

-- Ally White

Sunlight trickles down,

Hazy through flower filters;

All awash in pink.

-- Emma Johnston


Cherry trees hearing our call

Bring spring to Macon

-- Deborah Breckenridge

Pink petals smiling

Surrounding white cotton balls

Happiness flows out

-- Deborah Breckenridge

Of all spring’s wonders

You are ours, cherry blossoms,

You are our delight.

-- Peggy Grow

I saw from Rose Hill

As the Ocmulgee sun rose

Cherry blossoms born

-- Andy Bedingfield

Cherry blossoms cling

To arched branches canopied

Welcoming sweet spring

-- Andy Bedingfield

Cherry blossom tree.

Pretty flowers everywhere.

Pretty birds chirping!

-- Landon Cheary

Trees are growing round,

Blossoms turn into cherries.

Cherry blossoms, yay!

-- Zane Garrett

Trees have blooming buds.

Cherry blossoms nice and pink.

Blossoms into fruit!

-- James Cairney

Spring is so pretty.

Cherry blossoms blooming, yay!

Berries ripening!

-- Lauren Coley

Flowers blooming, yay!

Cherry blossoms blooming, yay!

Flowers everywhere!

-- Hannah Duggan

I like to plant seeds.

You and I like to plant seeds.

Birds feed their babies.

-- John Conley

The bees are buzzing,

Frogs hopping on lily pads,

The birds are singing.

-- Alex Ryles

I like to see deer.

I also like to see birds.

Flowers are blooming!

-- Andrew Golden

Cherry trees blooming.

Flowers are germinating.

Buds are blooming, too!

-- Caleb Hill

Rivers flowing slow,

Animals are awaking,

Flowers are blooming!

-- Carter Brannon

Birds singing their songs,

Colorful flowers blooming,

Bees buzz around trees!

-- Clay Thompson

Fruit appears on trees.

Time springs forward on your clock.

People start to fish!

-- D.J. Yearty

Bees with pollen fly.

Colorful sights everywhere.

Cool breeze is blowing!

-- Jewell Allen

Cherries grow on trees.

Birds springing around each tree.

If you could just see!

-- J.R. Fordham

Bees buzz around trees.

Animals sprinting away.

Bright yellow flowers!

-- Kasen Curtis

Spring is tweeting birds!

Spring is beautiful bloomings!

Spring’s soaring above!

-- Kate Maddox

Scented pink blossoms.

Come see the beautiful floats.

All covered in pink!

-- Lucy Wiegert

Pink buds are blooming,

On the cherry blossom tree!

Come see all the pink!

-- Lydia Belflower

Rainbows and raindrops,

Warm weather with a cool breeze,

Easter is coming!

-- MiShayla Brown

Water flowing by,

Germinating flowers now,

Leaves filled with color!

-- Morgan Pritchett

Lily pads blooming,

Flowers are pollenating,

Bees buzz in the air!

-- Peyton Smith

Spring is outside now.

Animals are rising out.

The flowers will bloom!

-- Raleigh Hagler

Rain making rainbows,

Birds in the spring build their homes,

While they sing their song!

-- Reagan Wimberly

Streams flowing swiftly,

Animals are awaking,

To the pleasant spring!

-- Tanner Filion

Pink blossoms in trees,

Streets filled with laughter at the

Festival with bees.

-- Erin Rodenroth

Dancing in the wind

Enchanting cherry blossoms

Fill the sky with pink

-- Annsley Haynes

Listen for the sounds.

Birthing of buds pink and white.

Reaching for the stars.

-- Andrea Harris and daughter Allie Joy Harris

United we stand.

Cherry blossoms at the Grand.

Oh, strike up the band.

-- Janie Wilhoit

Macon-Bibb County

United under blossoms

Sweet season of hope

-- Peter Leary

Blossoms in the trees

Cherry ice cream in the park

Ain’t life just grand, y’all?

-- Peter Leary

Middle Georgia March

Forecast calls for pink flurries

And cherry ice cream

-- Peter Leary

Pale pink, petals sift

Dancing, drifting, happy sweet;

Light hearts lighten feet.

-- Sonja Shilling

Macon comes alive

When blossoms burst with springtime,

Joyful life abounds.

-- Joseph Lease

Cherry blossom blooms

Above azalea bud burst.

Spring time’s firework show

-- Amy Holloway

Pink cherry blossoms.

Butterflies flying above.

People are smiling!

-- Emily Arnold, third grade

Cherry blossoms are

Turning pink on the lovely

And neat cherry trees!

-- Caleb Senters, third grade

Nature is blooming!

Cherry blossoms are shining!

At last spring is here!

-- James Fordham, third grade

Branches in the sun,

Cherry blossoms, there are none,

But wait, there is one!

-- Joshua Gilbert, third grade

A cloudless blue sky.

A little bird, small brown eye.

The day hurried by!

-- Joshua Gilbert, third grade

Chirping here and there.

Birds are chirping everywhere,

Breathing in fresh air.

-- Joshua Gilbert, third grade

Sun is bursting bright.

Yellow bees are flying now,

Happily playing!

-- Logan Bryan, third grade

Butterflies flying,

Birds chirping beautifully,

Bees buzzing in spring!

-- Malorie Warren, third grade

Blowing in the breeze

Blossoms floating to the ground

Painting the town pink

-- Cristal White

No buds are timid

When cherry blossoms rage pink

In the sunlight’s thrall.

-- Doyle Spence

Cherry blossom trees

Rain pink delicate petals

All throughout the day.

-- Gabrielle Rumph

Little sweet blossoms

Dance, leap and twirl in the air

And float to the ground.

-- Gabrielle Rumph

Sweet pink flowers sway

Gently with the calming breeze

Then land on soft grass.

-- Gabrielle Rumph

The trees start blooming

Soft pink petals are now floating

A breeze is blowing

-- Hunter Martin

Macon spring has sprung

A pink blush covers the town

Happy folks have fun

-- Kathi Vitale

Reckless cherry trees

Blooming amidst bulldozers;

Old loves, still wanton.

-- Jo Mariolis

Cherry blossom trees

Pretty pink and soft petals

Pink ice cream: yum, yum

-- Fiona Leary, age 6

Cherry blossom time

Pink lemonade is in hand

Seeing the kids smile

-- Paige Lann

Blossoms across town

Pink snow falling in spring time

Celebrate Macon

-- Janet Spivey

Drifting shades of pink

Fall, warming the frozen ground

To welcome spring time

-- Trey Powell

Trees are blooming bright!

Cherry blossoms are dancing!

Floating in the sky!

-- Ellen Arnold, first grade

The sun is shining.

Bees are flying around now.

It is fun to play.

-- Drew Cheary, first grade

Flowers are blooming!

Bees are buzzing, yay, yay, yay!

Birds sing in the sky!

-- Taylor Watford, first grade

Spring is almost here!

You can go on vacation!

I think spring is fun!

-- Alex Jones, first grade

Flowers are blooming!

I like bees when they’re buzzing!

I like when bees buzz!

-- Brady Brannon, first grade

Flowers on trees, yay!

Flowers falling on my head!

Butterflies come out!

-- Aiden Panek, first grade

Tulips are blooming!

Kids are having lots of fun!

The trees are growing!

-- Annsley Johnson, first grade

Grass is growing green!

Cherry trees are blooming, yay!

Cherries everywhere!

-- Wyc Herrington, first grade

The sun is shining!

The pink tree is blooming now!

The bees are buzzing!

-- Andrew Itson, first grade

Flowers are great, yay!

Cherry ice cream is great, yay!

Cherry ice cream, yay!

-- Aiden Panek, frist grade

Birds are singing now!

Cherry blossoms are blooming!

Blossoms are so sweet!

-- Drew Cheary, first grade

Flowers blooming, ah!

Cherry ice cream at the fest!

Cherry ice cream, yay!

-- Alex Jones, first grade

No two cherry trees

Are the same in any way

Different to all eyes.

-- William Redding

Many are here now,

But in the blink of an eye

All the pink is gone.

-- Mia Murray

Oh, pretty flower

Pink petals are blossoming

An amazing sight!

-- Myriam Martinez

That vibrant soft pink

Puts a glow in my warm cheeks

Lifting my spirits.

-- Shelbi Cobb

Colors everywhere

In my face and in my hair

Cherry blossom fair.

-- Jordan Wilkerson

In Macon you see,

What the trees have come to be

They are nice to me.

-- Sabrina Hagler

Many may come now

And yet they are gone so fast

Before all can see.

-- Austin Johnson

Cherry blossoms bloom

They take away the dark gloom

Just like your love can

-- Ariel McNulty

Everywhere you go

Cherry blossoms you will see

Pink and white is nice.

-- Bobby Buxani

Rays of light lie neat,

On the flowers at your feet,

Resting on the ground.

-- Jared Satterfield

Some come far and near

Just to watch the petals fall

Quick and fast they’re gone.

-- Logan Boutwell

When I’m in Macon,

I see this burst of bright life

Engulfing my soul.

-- Jeremiah Bell

The cherry blossom

Burst forth in spring each year ‘round.

Ah, how sweet it is!

-- Bailey LaGrone

The cherry blossom

Pink goes around in the town.

Spring is coming here.

-- Jordan Gilliam

Cherry blossom sweet

Sweet as an angel’s kisses

Pretty as sunsets.

-- Savannah Platt

The cherry blossoms

Are colorful and pretty

They make me happy.

-- Allyssah Johnson

Cherry blossom tree

Has many colors you see

They share memories.

-- Jessica Carter

Scattered everywhere

They make the ground glow with pink

They are so unique.

-- Robbin Hurt

In the spring they bloom

Cherry blossoms are so good

They are beautiful.

-- Taylor Ellenberg

Cherry blossoms now

I love your beautiful smile

And the way you shine.

-- Ashley Hughes

The town so vibrant

It’s that time of year again

Amazingly bright!

-- Maci Maxey

Pink Southern ladies

Spread their delight in Georgia

Ah, how sweet it is!

-- Michelle Ingram

No prettier sight

I could possibly see than

Fickling Farms for me

-- Marilyn Allen

Walking down the street

Cherry blossom time is sweet

Petals struts his stuff

-- Peyton Braunstein

Look! Beautiful trees!

Riding rides is very fun.

We get free ice cream!

-- Ella Fenimore, age 9

Pink bows all around!

Baby girls for everyone

In our Southern town?

-- Monica Fenimore

Trees shedding their leaves

Pink blossoming throughout town

Spring is around now

-- Cecilia Fuentes

A grand time is planned

For all who are not foolish

At the Museum

-- Melanie Byas


Pray for only sunny skies

Cherry blossom week

-- Bonny B. Bedingfield

Delicate blossoms

Gleaming beauty amongst a

World full of chaos

-- Elijah McCoy

Their splendid color

Illuminating the skies

Bringing many joy

-- Elijah McCoy

A pink cherry tree

Draws me in with its color

Macon, it’s springtime

-- Jada Howard

Spring up, bloom, and shine!

The festivals are rolling!

Why dream differently?

-- Isaac Holston

She has pink flowers

Blooming at her fragile wrist

Growing in her skin

-- Kellen Gordon

I’ll be with you in

Cherry blossom time. It is

A blast of pink life.

-- Ashton Wilson

Oceans of blossoms

White capped clouds fringed all shades pink

Fragrant balmy breeze

-- Juanita Wilson Radcliffe

Branches with pink buds

Macon celebrates them all

Our cherry blossoms!

-- Jeanine Frey

The time is coming

Cherry Blossom Festival

Let’s all enjoy it

-- Jeanine Frey

Go to Macon soon

All kinds of fun and frolic

See cherry blossoms

-- Jeanine Frey

See soft pink blossoms

Move gently in the breezes

All over Macon

-- Jeanine Frey

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